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  1. Seriously...Austrians never get any credit... :/
  2. lol @ Sweet Tooth's farmers tan in the trailer
  3. Were you using AutoCAD (or Inventor)? That's probably why you were having such problems then. SolidWorks runs pretty smoothly on my shitty vista toshiba laptop.
  4. ......It's "Centripetal" I thought it was a pretty good movie, it certainly served its purpose as an over the top action flick (which I think allows for some crazy physics defying stuff).
  5. I've been playing Starcraft alot lately actually, just to get familiar with it again. But I seem to always get bored of ladder games and go play UMS games for countless hours (Sunken D, ftw)
  6. Just got back from the midnight showing of it...pretty damn good. GO SEE IT. And yes, stay for the credits (as with any movie now and days).
  7. So apparently he was found dead in a Manhattan apartment this morning. This guy was awesome, I wonder what happened.... If anyone doesn't know who this is, he's the new Joker in "The Dark Knight" and was in movies like "The Patriot" and "A Knights Tale" Argh!
  8. Like many here, I started using a similar handle when I was fairly young. My sisters said it needed to be a clever one (this was for my hotmail account) so of course being nine years old, I somehow thought "Operawonderboy" was in fact very clever. I've actually come to realize that opera is one of my favorite music genres...but I'm still not sure why I thought making it a sort of lame superhero name would be "clever". My sisters, being older alot than me, didn't enlighten me on the level of lameness the name had...so of course I kept it. Anyways, in the ninth grade I needed to give myself an upgrade from "boy" to "dude". And there ya go.
  9. What??/!?!1shift!!? I'll have to disagree with you on this... You're like first I've ever heard say that... XD
  10. Seattle, Washington...U-District to be specific
  11. Yeah, I think that's my personal favorite too. Anyone get General ranking online yet and start over? My roommate has done so 4 times now. T_T Creepy yes, but you get some really kewl looking insignias.
  12. Having two of something doesn't mean 2X the performance...just to let you know...T_T Anyways, I get pretty good kicks outta just having an entry level dual core laptop (with the intel 900 series by the way). Yeah Crysis is out the question for me...but I'd rather play CS:Source and Doom3 anyways... EDIT: Dang that id software bundle looks pretty nice, I've only got Doom3 and the expansion, so perhaps I'll look into it...
  13. Friggin' awesome game. Been playing it on the 360 with my room mate when I can. Would play it more, but I think I'd be holdin' my roommate back from winning more often (lol I suck @ zee FPS)
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