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  1. I need a moonstone I have two firestones as well willing to trade for one. PM me or something!
  2. Just caught a shiney geodude, anyone here have any shiney pokemon? Anyone interested in a shiney geodude? Give me an offer and we can talk!
  3. Just got Torterra, awesome pokemon and earthquake rocks too bad it doesn't work on flying types.
  4. awesome, another reason not to get a PS3, also Ace Combat is also coming to 360 going to be a great year for the 360.
  5. Man, you can do anything with wii-motes, even DJ! This vid is pretty cool, check it out! Especially the third one. It was cool kinda cheesy but cool none the less! Any of you guys gonna try and have a Wiij set up? Thoughts!
  6. Starwars Bounty Hunter for Gamecube was fun as hell. Everybody hated it, but playing as Jango Fett and going around killing/capturing bounties was fun for me.
  7. Top Gear for the SNES all my friends hated but me.
  8. Yeah that waterworks game was really awesome. The last thirty seconds they were getting ready to due a last ditch effort run on the warthog but I saw them piling in and just sniped the gunner and the driver. Then I didn't see where I was running and I fell off into the abyss...But at least I stopped the warthog!
  9. I was ripped off so badly in that king of the hill game......
  10. The Tito would like to join this clan. Sounds like it would be a fun clan to be in, my Gamertag is EL SC0RP10
  11. And that is why you suck at this game. Team Ninja actually punishes you for button mashing. I'm serious. I tried to play the game that way, and I eventually got frustrated with dying so much. Then I started all over. I learned the combos (placed conveniently in the inventory screen for easy access) and I learned to DODGE (essential life-saving tactic), and suddenly I was actually good at the game, and not using my Ninpo all the time. Button Mashing=teh suck Combos+Dodgin=Master Ninja I suck at Ninja Gaiden? Hell I've beaten it on the hardest difficulty and I don't button mash dip shit. Looks like you read my post wrong dumbass if you look at the new EGM you'll see it got the controller smashing award cause it's so damn hard at certain points. And who says I use my ninpo all the time? I guess cause I used it for one boss you assume I use it all the time. Go interior decorate you homo. Even if you are better than me I could care less what does being better than me on a game accomplish? Absolutly nothing maybe some bragging rights that no one would care about"Hey guys I'm better than GhostMercXIII from OC remix forums at Ninja Gaiden!!"-Ubernym. I beat the boss battle and accomplished the same thing you did kicking the shit out of doku. Which you would likely reply "I did it better than you so that makes me more superior than you and Team Ninja should punish you!!!" You make me sick you worthless piece of shit nerd. Ubernym = Richard Simmons Ghostmerc = Badass Nerd Smasher
  12. Another hard boss are the ikuruga bosses.
  13. The hardest boss is that piece of shit fag Doku from Ninja Gaiden. When you fight him in his ghost form he is so damn hard without the maxed out fire scroll. Even when you have the maxed out fire ninpo he is still a bitch especially when he does the attack when he drains your life and gains life. UGH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! After a good 50 times of dying I finally kicked his ass gloriously with only getting hit once. I thought the end of the world was upon us when I handed him his ass on a silver platter. Ninja Gaiden is defintely is a game that should win the controller smashing award.
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