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  1. No, no, no, no, NO! That link you gave me took me to a MIDI page!!! That's not NEARLY as sweet as hearing what these people on OC Remix do! That's why I'm on this site! If I wanted lower quality music, sure, midi's are OK. But to hell with lower quality!
  2. Guys, I know you guys constantly pump out excellent remixes, but other than the first two Ninja Gaidens on the NES, no other Gaiden mixes exist for III and Black. The battle music for Ashtar in II was an excellent track, and after seeing what can be done with something as minimal as the Castle theme from SMB1, I know something excellent can come of this. Here are my specific requests: NINJA GAIDEN II: Intro, Ashtar Battle NINJA GAIDEN III: 1-1, 2-2, Final Boss NINJA GAIDEN BLACK: Annoyance, Alma's Awakening, Sudden Threat, Iron and Sword
  3. OK, I'm not all that knowledged with breaking up tracks and analyzing them, but I definitely know what sounds good, and mazedude cranks it out with one of the SWEETEST FF7 remixes I've heard yet. Major FF7 fans need to check this one out because the song just pulls you in and takes you for a musical ride, interpreting the emotion and feel of the original track perfectly and expresses it in an absolutely convincing way. The song has a very epic feel to it, like you're in the middle of one of the great stories of all time. I very much agree with djpretzel on this track's reminiscience of the
  4. Prizm did one hell of a job on this mix. I've listened to a good number of SMB remixes, and Prizm is the only artist that's took on the castle theme. This remix continues to hold a level of darkness throughout the music. Which is really cool. What would you be thinking if you were just a plumber doing his job, then all of a sudden be in a world where nothing is like your home-world, only to be confronted by a huge monster over 3 times your size? You'd be feeling pretty dark, too! But at 2:47, the song goes ballistic and appeals very much to my metalhead side, pumping up the tempo and the mood.
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