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  1. Oh, fair enough, thanks very much for your help.
  2. Morning all. My name's currently RockmanNeo, but that might be subject to change; I'm usually called Rockman or McFadden. I'm 16, from the sunny UK (thanks, global warming!), and while being a long time fan of OCRemix and its remixers, I've only recently gotten into remixing myself, and decided to join the community. I might post some of my WIP remixes at some point, as nursing a long-term arm injury has rendered me incapable of recording guitar. Oops!
  3. I joined the community quite a while back, but didn't really post much. Now I want to get involved the community properly now, but I'm registered under an identity I don't use anymore. Is there any way I can change my username? Help with this would be appreciated, and apologies if I've missed a stickied topic with this info in! Thanks!
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