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    A NY cartoonist, now living and studying comics in VT. Video games have been an influence in my life since age 6 when the blue blur ran past, and I started following (or trying anyway!)
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  1. Here's the finished art for my second album cover idea: Colorful!
  2. Wow, I'm seeing mixed reviews so far, but both seem to be hitting a chord in some way shape or form! I'm glad about this, certainly and have got the second one about half-colored after today's live broadcast over at My website. I'll be doing another show tomorrow for a few hours to pick up where I left off. Keep an eye on RKDIA COMICS facebook page for start times! Thanks all! -RD
  3. So I've been busy. Have one completed art submission: Album Art idea 1 And one not-yet complete art submission: Album Art idea 2 The latter I'll be coloring live on my JTV stream HERE on Friday around 7pm. I do shows as often as I have things to work on so come on by and check out the process and listen to some jams! Definitely leave some comments and let me know what you think. -RD
  4. MAGFest final report: (The one where I embarrass some people!) FRIENDS! See you next year for MAG XI!
  5. Here's my second MAG report:MAG Report Part 2: Art and comics!
  6. Hey all, after having a nice discussion with Larry and Brandon at MAGFest, I found out about this project! FF IX is my all-time favorite FF and would love to contribute in some way to this album! I don't post very often at OCR just because I'm busy with life, but at Larry's encouragement, I'm dropping a line here to get my name into the mix. In case you don't know who I am, I'm the artist who worked with OCR and The BAD DUDES on the Heroes Versus Villains album art. Even if you already have an album cover artist lined up, I'd be more than happy to do an interior piece or promo art or something! Shoot me a line at drewr@sage.edu! Thanks a ton and good luck as this adventure nears it's completion! Can't wait to hear it. -RD
  7. D-Lux....best story! Here's part one of my wrap up: MAGFest Wrap-up part 1: MUSIC!
  8. Check out my blog all week for MAGFest post-con reports and lots of photos! MAG was awesome and it's always good to see that sexy black man Larry Oji! Another post goes up tonight...eventually, I'm still quite tired.
  9. Just so y'all know, I only have a few more posters available for sale (like, 4) It'll be a while before I can print another run of them so git on that shiz!
  10. Hey all, Flozax here. Thanks to Mazedude, Ktriton, The Bad Dudes and OCR for bringing me on board to do the album artwork. This was a ton of fun and I'm super stoked to listen to the results of everyone's hard work! I've put some high quality poster prints for sale on my website if any of you are interested in a swanky, signed piece of art to hang on your wall! Rock on, Heroes and Villains alike!
  11. I'm far from uneducated in the matter, and I never said anything about a NO being "bad." I just come from the school of "life is learning." Let me rephrase what I said - growth is learning. I'm a visual artist, not a musical one, but I still face the idea of rejection and critique the same as you musicians every day. I'm sure you can name the famous composer who's dying words were (paraprhased) "It's a shame, I've not yet mastered woodwinds." No offense taken, I just believe the sky is the limit for growth and that there's always something new to learn, sometimes it just takes someone else to point it out! *edit* Also, see Larry's post above! */edit*
  12. I would LOVE to hear this music remixed, the whole of it. The versions that Spencer Nielsen did on his Sonic Boom cd way back when were a nice upgrade from the in-game music, but this stuff needs some post 2000, OCR love!
  13. Just picked up on this switch-over, thuroughly enjoying it, as sad as I am to see Ormgas go. LOVE the choice of remixes or VGM, love the people in the chat and I love the voting! Great interface, great music, great job! So glad Ormgas has such a spiffy new home! Keep up the good work all!
  14. Critique is a part of growth as an artist. A NO obviously means they think you have some growing to do. As long as it's constructive TO that growth, a NO from the Judges should be taken a chance to see mistakes, learn from them, and come back stronger!
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