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    Heh beat me to it good sir!
  2. Here's an anime news network review http://www.animenewsnetwork.com/review/dragonball-evolution
  3. http://kotaku.com/5134671/dragonball-the-movie-the-game-the-screen-shots i kid you not!
  4. It does... i guess lol... i meant to say exhale lol. English isn't my first language ok?
  5. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZGWZlR3Kgr8 They need to make another
  6. I was browsing online until I came across a website where parents review video games for other parents. Curiosity got the best of me and i researched mgs4 in which I found a lady crapping all over mgs4 with words like "this game is terrible. first off it has terrible graphics 2nd it has too much blood 3rd TERRIBLE online" only to leave an e-mail for discussion. Now I'm not going to post her e-mail but you can see her post on this page titled "shocking" How would you respond to her? I sent something like Hi I recently I saw you post and I agree for the most point. This is a very mature game with lots of mature themes. I would not like my 8 year old sister playing a game with so much violence. However as for it being terrible and with all due respect in the world :you are an idiot. The metal gear series has some of the most complex, elaborate, and deep story lines in the history of gaming. Not only has it received the best reviews from the most respected game critics in the world it's sales have surpassed 4 million. I'm not going to tell you what to do in your own home but I'm tired of idiots like you telling the gaming generation the "evils" of video games. Look lady I'm 26 years old, pre med student, a responsible young adult and I have been playing the series for 20 years. One of the major driving forces behind the series is political intrigue (*gasp* kids do like to think), philosophical debate, ethics, science, and evolution of society. Is there violence yes, war yes, betrayal and sexual themes yes but it's just a form of entertainment. Hey here is an idea how about playing the entire game first before you judge it.
  7. i remember back in the day there used to be a group of kids that played the nes d-pad upside down and they held it like a keyboard.
  8. i dont' think it will do well publicly. Look what happened to dragon armor. It's great and protects much better but no one wants to develop it. Wish him luck
  9. Ok, i know this sounds stupid or might have been talked about but bear with me since the last time i played a super smash bros game was in colombia on the N64. However curiosity got the best of me and when i did research on brawl i realized they had a story mode. Now the fun part of smash bros is the simple beat em up scheme but if they make a spin off series concentrating on more rpg elements they could really go somewhere with that the same way kingdom hearts went. What do you think? The idea could fly or maybe it just sounds too weird to work?
  10. This just in Uwe Boll says he's Hideo Kojima is a hack and metal gear is gurbaaach. : )
  11. lol for once i have to give credit to his smart thinking cuz he beat all the gamers to the punch by making a movie based on a video game that he's making. For what it's worth the game got my attention and it looks more fun than the movie. ummm part of me doesn't want to play it be the music got me all pumped even if it looks generic. Hey coop for as long as i first joined ocr that werewolf has been terrorizing that smiley. Won't you let him have a breather for once and let him scare the werewolf?
  12. ummm a game with liquid would be a cool idea
  13. Check this vid/gif out metal gear lupon the III style http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qfInFGJRCbY&feature=related
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