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  1. Going back to Melee after playing brawl for six months was REALLY AWKWARD for me at first. Check it: Me (Ganon) vs friend (Dr.Mario) http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BJEmvnNNLms I get caped THREE TIMES! Auto-sweetspotting has spoiled me and now I have to relearn the timing to sweetspot properly. Also in other matches, I kept using Ganon/Falcon's side-B for recovery, which is NOT worth it in melee. Me (Link) vs friend (YL) http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=I7-s_Iws6vc Part of me is happy i'm still able to l-cancel, otherwise i'm still ehhh. Part of me is still bitter that Link, my main in every smash game, has been and apparently always will be horrible in any every smash game. I'm not even that much into LOZ like that, I just like Link's playstyle. Anyway brawl is still fun but yay melee.
  2. Shit guys. Wavedashing in brawl. With hacks. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sjrmVCB1ncY
  3. Also, above average? What IS the average? It's not like elements of games, such as platforming, charm and music scores, could actually be objectively MEASURED in terms of the quality of the content. Any attempt at doing so would be subjective.
  4. Dude I liked DKC for almost all the reason you pointed out. But that is all still subjective. FACT: This game introduced the mechanics of going inside barrel cannons that spun, and you could control when you would be shot out. It was the only one at it's time, I think. YOUR OPINION: Apparently you must think it makes the game better since it's on your list. MY OPINION: I hated most parts that forced you to use them. FACT: DKC had a soundtrack. YOUR OPINION: It had the most influential soundtrack in 1994. MY OPINION: Sonic the Hedgehog 3 had the better soundtrack in 1994. I'm not hating on your opinions or anything, I'm just saying that they are still subjective. Also Sologamer I missed you.
  5. That is not objective. That is your opinion, which just happens to be shared by a whole lot of people.
  6. I did, and I will say that it was totally a fluke from attempting to meteor cancel during the lag. Also the Ganon Jiggly fight on lylat cruse was intense.
  7. Defender, where in MD do you live? I'm around germantown, and I need more exposure to some decent players.
  8. Good stuff as always, same to Ocean.
  9. Damn I was on all night last night. I'll be on tomorrow night.
  10. It jumps if you press up repeatedly. And also, if done in the air a certain way, you n-air. I'm probably wrong, but I think it's when you move the stick diagonally in any direction. While useful in theory, it's easy to accidently n-air when you intended to do another attack, which is why I went back to smash-stick. Accidently fastfalling is not as bad as accidently n-airing in my opinion.
  11. If you change your c-stick to "Attack" instead of "Smash", it won't automatically fastfall if you d-air, no matter what point of your jump you happen to be in. It acts like a tilt instead of a smash.
  12. Yeah I kind of realized that afterwords too. After the third match, he went offline and posted here. Guess he didn't know either. JoeFu if you're on later we can finish it up since you still have another match.
  13. Good matches though. My Link won over his G&W. His Olimar shitted on my Link. My Wario just barely beat his Olimar.
  14. Dunno where JoeFu is, he hasn't registered my code yet. And as mentioned earlier, I can't access IRC right now. Yeah.
  15. So yeah has anyone seen JoeFu? I don't really have access to IRC.
  16. JoeFu where you be at. I'll be home all day so PM me when you want to do this.
  17. Awesome series of matches Jam, same to your wife. I know you're best with Ice Climbers but I think I'm more scared of your Yoshi, he was straight up MEAN. I managed to save the last match with Yoshi and Ganondorf. I wish I had saved the DK vs Fox match where I accidently footstool meteored you to victory.
  18. I will enroll in the tourney. For kicks. Does anyone live around the Montgomery County Maryland area? I want to play more people besides my 3 or 4 friends that play brawl seriously. And after about two weeks of playing online, I still haven't gotten used to playing with lag, hence me seeking other IRL people. Online is still fun, I'm just disappointed that I'm not adapting as fast as others. Oh well. Maybe if enough people live in the area we can setup an actual tournament or something. And I'm not looking on smashboards cause the people there are weird.
  19. gg indeed. Though I really need to adapt to online lag better. And stop air dodging right into Lucas' upsmash.
  20. I'll play you Jam, I added your code.
  21. Thanks, but the few times I've played G-T's ganondorf ended up with me being stomped in the face right through the ground in skyworld. It was awesome. Good matches btw tables.
  22. I've noticed something about the c-stick. If you use it to down-a attack during a certain point in the air, it automatically fast falls for you since it is smashing down also. I don't remember if it was like that in melee too, but I didn't want that, so I changed the configuration on the c-stick from "smash" to "attack." On the ground, the c-stick now does tilts, and in the air, it no longer automatically fastfalls. Also, if you c-stick in the air DIAGONALLY in any direction, it does a NEUTRAL AIR. I'm not sure if that's helpful or counter-productive, since I do n-airs by accident sometimes now, but it's better then fastfalling accidently.
  23. After playing online with anthonium, I learned that Wario's bite out prioritizes Pikachu's skull bash. Flew right in there. Good games btw. Schwaltzvald and megadave I added you guys.
  24. Was that on the Ice Climbers stage, cause that and Delfino Plaze were very laggy, more so then the others. It was fun though.
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