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  1. This mix was fantastic when the Kirby collection came out, and it is STILL fantastic now! I recommend this to anyone who enjoys guitar mixes!
  2. I've been waiting FOREVER for this mix to be posted... and it doesn't disappoint! Great use of Zelda music to create a one of a kind trancey hit! Download now!
  3. THis remix is more than six minutes of pure good. I loved every second! Woo!
  4. This is very groovy - it feels like I'm actually playing through a level, except instead of a robots, I'm fighting talented remixers. Download if you are a fan of Mega Man music!
  5. Oh Em Gee, folks. Download this. If you like piano, download this. If you like Mario music, download this. If you like music, download this!!! ... ins hort, this remix is all kinds of awesome.
  6. I'm listening to it right now. Wow. The first half is very energetic... and so is the second half! I don't know what to say, it really leaves me speechless. If this is any indication of what the project is going to sound like, I will be downloading these songs ASAP.
  7. Sonic music has always amused me. I'm a sucker for piano music, so when I saw the mix, it has two things going for it already! It's a relaxing track, sure. It wasn't everything I hoped it would be, not sure why. But if you enjoy the piano remixes on this site, give this a listen. In my opinion, there are better, but that doesn't mean this one is not a quality mix. Just my opinion, is all.
  8. I downloaded this song just a while ago, and I have to say that it is a title that beckons my memories back to classic Mario playing days. Not sure, but I would say anyone who enjoys Mario game music should try this out. Oh, and the sax interlude is to die for.
  9. I want to say it is songs like this one that makes me visit this site on a daily basis. I love this song, it takes the original music and creates a fantastic rock tune to it and stays in your mind well after a listen. If you are into any rock or even just some good electric guitar, you must download this!
  10. I love Zelda music, it has taken up more than its fair share in my OCRemix collection. I am proud to say this is joining the other pieces in my collection. This is a happy little number that captures the joy of playing a Zelda game. Not extremely fast, but not slow by any means. One person said this cheers them up when he/she listens to it... I would have to agree! Well done!
  11. I am listening to this music right now, and I have to say - this is a very nice, relaxing mix. It combines a very eloquent piano rifts and other instruments to really get you in the mood to lay back and reflect on the day's events in peace. If you like slow, relaxing pieces, you should give this one a listen!
  12. This is an awesome remix, and one of my favorites on the site. Mario music has always been my favorite, right up there with Zelda, Earthbound, and Zombies Ate My Neighbors. Well, I know there are people on here with a better ear, so grab a USF plugin and take a listen to the soundtrack, easily found here. Open up "Powerful Mario", which is the music from the flying hat. Now, I believe that this remix sounds an awful lot like that. But, both the remix and this game music sound like the star music from SMB. So what's the verdict? DOWNLOAD THE REMIX, it's awesome! Sure, this remix might be from a bunch of Mario games, last generation and back a few as well. I say All-Stars would be the only logical place to put it, as All-Stars was a compliantion anyways.
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