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  1. Thanks for the feedback! You'll have understood that my issue was "looking for that album fruitlessly". I'l give the concert a listen; I quite liked this remix, and am looking for more in a similar style.
  2. I have a huge issue with this posting. What album is this!?
  3. Ah, thanks for the information, I was genuinely curious. So Materia did the Kirby 64 Boss on that tribute album (which I had just finished listening to when I wrote my previous post), and melody also did Indomitable in Chronicles of Time. Hope to hear more from them; this Corridor of Time remix is my favorite, albeit tied with Corrupter of Time, ahead of 30 others. The ambience, the driving drum and bass, the dancing guitar lead... it's beautiful.
  4. Heeeey... this remix has been covered anew as the last part of Chrono Suite, credited to "Materia", in the Chronicles of Time album.
  5. Well, it's Shnabubula, it's an auto-download for me. Heck, I even spell his name without looking.
  6. Great-sounding remix! I'd really like to add it to my collection, for repeat listening, but Vocaloid hurts my ears... I don't suppose there's a version without?
  7. Super Dodgeball's soundtrack has been a favorite of mine ever since I first heard it. Even today, it's sitting in my iPod, ready for listening. I've been waiting (silently) for this compilation for so many months... If you're still looking for people to give feedback, feel me to send me WIP and/or completed projects at ndaoust[at]writeme.com
  8. You probably got an answer since then, but anyway. As far as Cakewalk goes, try going to Options/Audio and then, in the Advanced panel, choose Driver Mode: MME. Afterwards, you can properly select your MIDI output, I think.
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