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  1. Remix Name: Sand Trap Listen Link: https://soundcloud.com/key-jay/sand-trap-sonic-3-knuckles/s-L6uze Commentary: Original Track Name(s): Sandopolis Zone (Act 1 and Act 2) Original Game: Sonic 3 & Knuckles Platform: Sega Genesis Year Released: October 18, 1994 (North America) Original Composers: Sachio Ogawa Masaru Setsumaru Yoshiaki Kashima Tatsuyuki Maeda Tomonori Sawada Masayuki Nagao Jun Senoue Miyoko Takaoka Masanori Hikichi Howard Drossin Brad Buxer Cirocco Jones Michael Jackson (not credited) Original Source Material: Sandopolis Zone (Act 1) - Sandopolis Zone (Act 2) - ENJOY EVERYONE!
  2. Thanks Jakesnke17, Really appreciate the healthy feedback. If you have something you want me to listen to, I'll gladly do so
  3. Hey all it's been a while , A couple of years back, I was developing a music pack for game developers but put the project aside for other endeavors. Fortunately for me that was a good thing. Recently, I’ve taken the time to revitalize one of the tracks. I originally did the track in 2008 and have the original there so you can see the difference (and all the things it suffered from). Check out what 4 years has done The track was intended to be a battle theme for RPG style games. The original version only had one theme, while the new version has three. The first was intended for normal battle, the second for ascended battle (maybe the character released a new power, or a secret boss pops up), and the third was another ascended battle theme (almost like a final rush to end the long boss battle). This track will be available to buy for leasing really soon and it will come with PT session. Enjoy! http://soundcloud.com/key-jay/sets/this-war-between-us/s-3sZjg
  4. Hey all, So to bring in the Halloween holiday, I created my first ever mash-up! Check it out, I know you'll love it. ENJOY!
  5. Hey everyone! Happy Halloween! It's been a while but I'm coming through with a special halloween treat for you, guaranteed to make your skin crawl. I know you'll love it. ENJOY!!
  6. Nah I agree with you, After asking the question a couple of times in different communities, my original train of thought was correct. DJ and PA systems already contrive the mix to suit the environment, creating an unreliable representation of your mix, good or bad. Looks like I'll be trying to master the product first.
  7. Ok, I thought i asked this already on SOME community or what not, or had seen this somewhere but can't find it under anything I've posted so I'll just ask (again). I'm in the process of trying to promote my material and one of the things that was said to me is just get the mix out there for the people to listen to. Presently, funds wont allow me to professionally master the music until some time later. However what was advised to me first was to let DJ's (if they will) fool around with just the mix (as in, let them test it in their club/set/etc) and let them address input they may have on your track (lacking bass, punch, etc.) before mastering, killing two birds with one stone, and THEN send it for mastering. This spawns two question. 1. Should I shop my music to DJ's before mastering the material for promotional purposes, attain their (DJ'S) input, test again in club, then master the satisfied product, or should I master everything before it even hits the DJ/club? 2. (this is the one I thought I asked somewhere) Is there a large difference in the mix besides arrangement (and removing choice words) between a Club mix and an Album mix? Some have told me that the bass is hotter in the club mix vs the album mix, but I dont know if that's just hot air.
  8. Yep, What sucked even more is that I had to do it without a MIDI keyboard (Oi!) Thank you for commenting
  9. Hey all, Well I haven't been to this site in like forever, submitted only one remix about 4 years ago only for it to fail in the review and where I said I'd redo it, I got a bit tied up (aka Ristar Remix). In any case, I thought I'd share a little video here. It's a video compilation of both remixes and originals that I did with just using the little big planet 2 sequencer. Frown yes (whatever >_> lol) but it was excellent practice in manual composition and designing a track with limited samples and limited resources available to me aka the older standards of classic game song composition. So it was great to get the practice in. Hope you guys like and hope some sound familiar to you all P.S. The swing quantizer in the game sucks and "there is" a very asinine way to get sequences in 3/4 time, so Sector 6 is probably my most unfavorable remix, but it didn't turn out too too bad :/ .
  10. Hey dude, First off, thanks for replying to my post! Ok, first off, impressive mix! One thing though that I'm not particularly digging is how the snare is sitting in the mix. Sounds like it's too dark and needs a little sparkle. I think also midway when you did that drum roll you could have added another high resonance drum loop to accent the change up. I also think you can make some of the hooks longer (the sections before the vocal comes in). Overall, it's not my type of music, but I really really enjoyed it! Well done!
  11. Ok, Just to set the record strait before you listen, I'm not a great guitarist. I don't even consider myself really average either. To be real about it, if I had the option, I wouldn't even perform this considering I wasn't able to play this all the way through not to mention I don't have a drummer anyway... Haven't written the vocals yet either. Regardless, it still came out as a nice song. I did play everything live except the drums which were programmed. With all that said though, I hope you guys enjoy them! The first track is an original:http://www.newgrounds.com/audio/listen/225326 The second track is a remix. This remix is based on the Sega Genesis Classic, Comix Zone. The production was done entirely from memory and did not refer to the original material for reference so it's not verbatim. You can find the original track here: and here's the remix:http://www.newgrounds.com/audio/listen/225327 Be sure to rate at the site directed please! Registration is NOT required to rate.
  12. Thanks for the compliment man! Surprising enough, the mic is an El Cheapo MXL 990 which basically costs about $60.00. However, as cheap as it is, there is a reason why I now have two of them and the MXL 991. It's a pretty decent detailed mic for the price and with the right mix, you can get a fantastic recording. Though for me, I am benefiting from running the mic also into a Great River Mic Pre with the interface being a RME Fireface 800, but what's lazy of me is that I have a Neumann TLM 103 sitting in my mic cabinet and I dont even use it lol. Thing is, the MXL has a larger diaphragm that captures a bit more low subtleties in my voice were as the TLM may make it too bright. Though, the TLM sounds excellent on vocals so when I'm or anyone else is singing, I use that usually. I would go into further detail on my setup, but it's rather complicated lol. Instead, go to my YouTube channel and see if for yourself http://www.youtube.com/user/XTREEMMAK
  13. Hey all! Well I finally got it done! My 2009 Character Demo Reel! I suppose some of you know what happened on my first attempt at making my 2009 demo....came out too long yada yada ya...long story short, "Flight of the Vampires" which can be viewed below the demos. Anyways, Here's my new vocal contribution to the VA community for 2009! XTREEMMAK's Character Demo Reel 2009:http://www.box.net/shared/ink9fp1dg4 now hear the old one XTREEMMAK's Character Demo Reel 2007:http://www.box.net/shared/yzydi4tba5 Flight of the Vampires: ENJOY! Critique!
  14. Hmm, I think your problems arise because you're lacking a coherent structure. It seems that through most of the tracks, you're stringing multiple themes together. While yes this is an almost classical approach, it does help a bit to repeat a theme every once in a while, if not varied. For example, the first track could have been easily been longer if you repeated the second theme and then tied in a third theme. So yeah I think your main problem is structure. If it helps, identify all your themes as you write your song with letters (A , B, A , B, C, A) and then go from there. You could even try identifying a motif in your main theme and vary it up as your piece progresses.
  15. Two Tracks no longer up! Use this link instead: http://www.newgrounds.com/audio/listen/212464
  16. After the many great reviews I received over the last one, here's my second try at a DnB track. I'm pretty sure you'll agree this is a lot better. Please though, I'm a noob at this genre so any type of tips, references, or advise would be helpful. The first one is still up despite the fact I said I'd take it down in a day (lol). If you need to hear the first one click the enclosed link. With that, ENJOY! Blissful Wounder v2: http://www.newgrounds.com/audio/listen/212212 Blissful Wounder v1: http://www.newgrounds.com/audio/listen/211600
  17. Hey Boz, Thanks for the comment. The more reviews I'm getting, the more I'm begining to understand the nature of what I was initially trying to accomplish. DnB = heavy drum and bass presence (obviously lol) and like you said when I added the elements over that, it overshadowed the initial nature of the track and what I got was a dub track instead lol. I will be listening to those recommendations so I can get a better understanding of what I was trying to accomplish but I'm pretty sure now thinking about it (and based off other reviews) that my intentions with this track were a little far fetched. Might you suggest another genre that's popular and edgy and can still broadcast my artist preference as a pianist? Someone suggested pop...dont know how that'd work though...
  18. Hey guys, So I dont know, I had the urge to make something pumpy and geared towards mainstream for my new project. I wont pretend to know anything about DnB cause in actuality I only know a small amount lol. This is my first ever attempt at a DnB track. Hope you like it This is a WIP track. The solo comes in waaay too early and it's only a short portion of what I was able to accomplish tonight so just so you know. This will be deleted in the span of 1 day. Listen while it's hot! http://www.newgrounds.com/audio/listen/211600 UPDATE: I've gotten a few reviews back on this track and they're pretty positive but in the direction that I'm not looking for. The purpose of this track is to be some kind of club slammer, or at least something that can reach the venue. Reviews state that the track does come off too jazzy. What do you guys think though? Can this hit the club floor? Yes or No? Yes I do have a high jazz influenced background but I do need something for "the club venue". I think it may be just a problem with sample execution and maybe over complicated the chordal patters (I tend to do that. Keeping it too simple doesn't come easy with me lol). Or it could be that the chord patterns were fine, I just needed to divert from the smooth sounding patches (the roads). Instead of the roads to fill it, add some synths, some more breaks and eq sweeps ect. The problem is though I need the piano performance to come out no questions asked; basically my element. Like I said, the solo came super early in the above version of the recording. It'd sound much better later on in the track (damn well near hard as hell to play I'll tell you that much. Sort of Bebop ish lol).
  19. Hmm that's strange. Well here you are then, the Tindeck version Click here to listen! Edit: Now on YouTube:
  20. Hey all! It's been a while since I put out a vo production but I finally got some kill time to put something together. The intended purpose of this production was "supposed" to be my 2009 Voice Acting Character Demo Reel, but apparently my writing plays out longer than what I thought it would (should have been one minute and thirty seconds). I probably should have read it out loud and timed myself to see my total run time but ohh well. I decided to finish it anyway as an original skit. A few facts about the production: *All voices were done by me *All music done by me *Twas loads of fun to do With that here ya go! Provided are two links just in case one or the other doesn't work. Be sure to check out my additional productions that can be found on http://myspace.com/keyjizat . [Flight of the Vampires] http://media.putfile.com/Flight-of-the-Vampires Mirror: http://www.imeem.com/dialogs/standaloneplaylist/?p=HUKYhJ5h
  21. Ohh Ic, Thanks for that man. Defiantly going to resub. it .
  22. Ok I dont get it. Why would a post complimenting on the judges job well done be a hate thread? Perhaps I should change the title head?
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