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  1. I'm in there like Swim wear (Oh god I said it ) So who's my opponent?
  2. As much as I would like to be in this tournament, I can't. I've got some stuff to take care of in terms of school. Gotta make these last two months count. Sorry folks D:
  3. Axel 2, Odd 1 Good games bro. You play a mean Chung Li I also second SamSho, but first Breakers
  4. I am like, In. I'll have to practice a bit as I haven't play SFA3 in like, forever. But I am in.
  5. FINAL SCORE Axel B. 3, Eazy P 1 Good games you. Keep practicing
  6. Count me in! I always like some competition. And I vote 98. I can play 2K but only if I practice a bit more
  7. I'm actually thinking of picking this up either today or tomorrow. How is it?
  8. Legion and Legion Core? Don't worry your not missing much. It's not a bad game really. To me it was a huge step up from Lament of Innocence which was also pretty good, but had slight minor flaws that sort of made it hard to play with (No freedom over the camera and you couldn't use Items while in the main menu and only by the quick menu). I wouldn't mind seeing another 3D Castlevania. Lots of room to improve and whatnot.
  9. How do I spend NYE? Simple... Sleep
  10. I suppose I'm no longer a tentative (Hopefully nothing comes up on that day) and I think I might be bringing a friend along. I have to check with him again because he might have work on that day. But yea I'm most likely going to show up
  11. Wow's... haven't seen crab in like forever. Sup man? I also haven't been in here for ever either. I don't have a wii as of yet, but I've recently picked up Portrait of Ruin. Fun stuff . Apparently for each new file you make has it's own friend code. So I'm going to post up the three that I have right now Jonathan & Charlotte: 249 193 927 217 Richter & Maria: 047 330 989 695 Sisters: 360 863 602 342
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