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  1. Another question: Is there something that can create a computerized voice in Fruity Loops? If so, where can I get it? I read it in the "manual" but I don't think I have it...thanks in advance.
  2. I KNEW that is was a Birthday message, I just wasn't sure what exactly was being said.
  3. Scratch another one down for the FF Trance master. I've been waiting for a dancey Cid theme mix for a bit, and this delivers, and delivers well. I don't know how he does it but if everyone knew it might not be as special. I especially like the melody in this mix, when it goes into the higher octave. That just....lifts me up I suppose. I love it. My only gripe though, is the intro. It took me about five listenings to pick up what the person was actually saying...and even then I don't really fully understand it. Maybe if the intro was a bit shorter, to still keep the message but not put people
  4. A good fresh view on a good track. While the treble is much too high for my liking and sometimes the thing sounds slightly off or a tad messy, overall this is a high-quality remix, though I would still rather listen to the original. My only complaint is the lack of bass, which in my humble opinion is a requirement for all trance songs. To recap: good, but not great. Get it if you like the original track and would like to hear it in a new light.
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