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  1. Me too, if I'm on AIM. I hope my PRC entry gets played one day. In fact I hope one day one of my songs will be played. But no pressure good sir, none at all.
  2. No problem, I was bored and it was fun makin it. *bows and walks into the shadows liek a Ninnjar!*
  3. Even though you don't know me, Larry Oji, and I probably will never listen to your show because I have crap 56k internet and I live overseas, and you probably haven't played any of my mixes considering they are : 1) not accepted by judges yet and 2) you don't know me: I hath made a bumper for thou! Enjoy, I had fun makin it. I hope 19 seconds isn't too long and 0.28mb isn't too big. And that you take vbr mp3s. If that doesn't work you might have to go to http://www.soundclick.com/blakomen and go to the music page and d/l the mp
  4. This is a pretty nice mix, but it isn't anywhere near your best. Most of the samples are pretty good but I have a major problem with the cymbal used (Bleh!) and the transitions are a bit jarring. But other than that a pretty enjoyable piece, but I'd prefer to listen to most of your other works, like Dragon Warrior Journey of Solitude, any day.
  5. Yes, I said that, and I stand by it. Graylightning, you are one master remixer, hands down. All who deny must be blind. Download now people!
  6. Okay. First off if you want to flame me do it in email. This song, is mediocre. If this was Klutz's only piano arrangement on here then I would rave and beat people into downloading it. But, this is the fourth. And really, the structure doesn't change much, his left hand lines are still just about the same as his other songs. (The waltz bit is a nice saving grace, props for that bit) And the performance is fantastic as usual. But the arrangement...it just doesn't feel like he brought anything new to the table. Seems like a one trick pony to me. Sound quality is good as usual... My major gri
  7. I actually downloaded this quite some time ago, and I forgot about it completely. Until I heard it just then, dark at night, doing homework. I highly recommend you listen to this quietly, when it's nice and peaceful. For all of you KRAZY HEAVYMETAL PUNKTHRASH people, this is not your song - but for those who enjoy those songs which don't really go anywhere but are more about the journey - this is it. Fantastic instruments, good arrangement, I like the use of ostinato, it really brings out that dreamy kinda state. And the little things in the background to keep the mix interesting are well ex
  8. You know, I've always loved chillout music. And this here fits the bill perfect. God damn this is an awesome remix - the guitar is played fantastically, its got an awesome atmosphere and mood to it and what else can I say? A fantastic guitar remix, great to listen to during a sunset. There is at times clipping though, but the pure sound quality that caresses my ears and makes out with them with el passioné more than makes up for it. Awesome, awesome stuff. Congrats, Vigilante! One Word ReView: Chilllllllll.
  9. OMG THANX PROPHECY THESE ARE SO MUCH BETTER! (than the stuff I already have in Fruity Poos)
  10. This. Best. Groovy. Remix. On. Site. Yes, it's GOOD - not just "okay" or "great". It's GOOD . The piano is perfect (LOVE the intro), the percussion is great, everything just fits and grooves so excellently as you'd expect and even more from the V man himself. You can do so many things with this remix: make a short movie, pull it out from Gran Turismo (something in this reminds me of GT music, dunno what), burn it onto a CD that is worthy of it, download it, chill to it, dance to it, show off to your mates with it....it's hella good. Hella. One of my favourite mixes ever. Ever. One Word
  11. This. Remix. Best. Ever. Download. Now. Well perhaps it isn't the "best" but it's that damn good. Drums are slick, the programming is slick, the tunes and countermelodies and all the stuff djP added in to extend and develop the original 16 bar melody is just fantastic. The organ solos. Are. The. Best. They are just soooo groovy you could almost put on an afro and dance. Almost. Only one thing to complain - I don't like the ending. Doesn't resolve. Just my personal thing. DjP changed so much that the first time I heard this I didn't realise what part of CT it came from. I didn't realise unt
  12. This here is a pretty decent remix : I loved the variations and changes you did to the melody to give it rhythm and life - the question and answer section was quite groovy too. The only thing that really ruined this remix for me was the volume of the flute thingy and the guitar with the melody. Way too quiet. It seemed like they were being swamped by the drums and the background stuff. But that's only a minorish gripe - this mix here has the vibe, the skill and just...it's groovy. Download it. OneWordReView: Groovy.
  13. Download. Now. Do it. This is amazing stuff from Jared Hudson here. The drums are very good (are they live or just well sequenced?) The guitar, especially the solo, is very smooth. The whole piece just ooozes...that....factor thing which makes me want to listen to this. I don't even know what it is about this track I like, it's just amazing. One word ReView - Rocking.
  14. This song is fantastic. I think (contrary to djp) that the processing and effects are awesome, done to good taste and executed professionally. Though I can't really pick out the tune that isn't a problem because to me this song just creates such an awesome mood and feel it's hard to not feel happy. A lot better than I had anticipated. One word ReView: Happy.
  15. Once again, Russell Cox shines in his orchestral forte. I honestly have nothing bad to say about this remix, but I will point out the good things about it. - Good use of whole orchestra Perhaps the percussion section could have been slightly louder, but otherwise, woodwinds, brass, strings all get their chance to shine. - High quality samples. If you close your eyes, this sounds like it could have been a live work. Almost. The harp I especially love - it makes me want to go back and play E.V.O. again! And that's saying something, to go back to play a game just for a tune well implemented b
  16. Dude, it's piano! P I A N O! Please don't make me angry by mispelling my favourite instrument.
  17. Beethoven was partially deaf. (I'm just trying hard not to look so stupid.... )
  18. Okay there are three choices here: 1. I'm incredibly stupid. 2. One of your other mixes has a cello ending with some other instrument. 3. I'm partially deaf.
  19. Wait. I might have confused the mixes. (I have some of your other mixes as well.) *runs off to listen to it* Hmm, I knew I should have listened to it before I posted, that cello gripe I have is in another remix of yours, the Ninja one I believe. The ending for _this_ remix is perfect actually, the pizzicato is good. Then I have no problems with this remix. Sorry to worry you.
  20. One Word Remix: Majestic. This remix is so good that I believe it surpasses the original in every way. In fact, a little anecdote to explain my situation. I downloaded this mix some time ago. I listened to it and it was very good (not as good to me as it is now, but) Then a short while ago I downloaded Dragon Warrior I. I was walking around the World Map, when I stopped. "Hey, isn't that that remix playing in the background in really low quality?" I quickly checked and it was true. Of course I prefer the remix by 1,000,000,000 times, but it was just so interesting to discover the source of t
  21. And, uh, Spekkio is that God of War guy. Who you have to run around three times to learn something, and Spekkio changes form as you level up. Or something, I aint played Chrono Trigger for years.
  22. This is a truly maginificent remix in both sound quality and arrangement. I don't think anybody could have thought of putting Spekkio's Theme into a Scottish style - anyone but Spekkiosaurus, of course. If Spekkio was Scottish and started his own little band thing, this is what it would sound like. (Though maybe not as good on the SNES, no?) Like the rest of the reviews I agree the bagpipe sounds so authentic I can hardly believe that they are not real at times. (Or are they real?) The tuba helps in the lower registers and nicely contrasts with the high piercing bagpipes and the snare rolls a
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