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  1. djp does it yet again with another masterpiece creation - this is one of my favourite mixes from him, and with good reason too. I think he captures the feel of F-Zero, hi tech in fast cars, very well, and though I just can't seem to describe this song in words, it's best for you all to experience this yourselves. It's worth the download, and then some. For some reason my Sony headphones bring the song to a whole new 3D dimension too - if you have headphones might I suggest you use them for this piece. My only gripe is somewhere in the middle some random sound (I'm assuming it's from in-game
  2. I personally thing hand-clap as percussion is really lame in the wrong context. It all depends really, everything has its place - just maybe not in music.
  3. If you scroll back a few pages I believe there should be a tempo-change walkthrough...well at least I recall a debate about it anyway. C_Kick is fine but you'll probably want to use something special. I don't know, try distorting it or something. Creativity = Good thing. SFArk is a compressed soundfont. You'll need to get the program to unpack it, though I can't remember where I got mine from.
  4. Double click on the Name (Next to patch and bank) and it should come up with a list of instruments. I hope that answers your question...if I answered the right one...
  5. To repeat for the lazy, change the snap in the top to something like 1/4 or 1/2. Experimentation is the best way to learn this. If you really wanted you could probably go into song settings and scale up the tempo but...
  6. I personally would take the billion dollars and live off the interest, if you don't mind. ^^
  7. This is a MUST HAVE for any fan of Chrono Trigger music. I thought this would be an upbeat romp but the spacious feel worked just as well, or if not better than what I was expecting. Love the piano melody and everything just seems to flow. Kudos, great work.
  8. Ah, but the demo isn't as good as a proper working version. Am I right?
  9. Thank you Beatdrop. I like breakbeats if that's what they are. I really need to get myself CoolEdit/Sound Forge...
  10. What block? This sounds easy, I just can't find what you're talking about...(Why didn't anyone tell me this earlier? Maybe cause I didn't ask. I'll shut up now)
  11. The only way I can think of so far is to double click a note and bring up the note properties. There you can set the length of a note, and you can change it to something smaller than a 16th note.
  12. I use nothing but fruity loops, Sibelius and the internet to make my remixes (although none have really been accepted yet ^^"). Triplets, you can either set them manually with the note lengths (although it's a pain), or you can import a midi file with them written out. What I do if a part is too complex for me to be bothered to construct it in Fruity Loops is write it in Sibelius, save it as a midi file and then import it. It's up to you, really. Find your own way. (I'm sure there are easier ways of making triplets, I just don't know. )
  13. One word can describe this remix - GODLY. I am a fan of all (well, most at least) musical styles, and this piece fuses orchestral, ethnic and what seems to me like jungle so well that it blows my mind. Although the Schala Theme doesn't really seem to stand out for me, it doesn't detract from the quality of this mix at all. The sound quality is excellanté. You. Must. Download. This.
  14. Improvised?!? That is awesome work for an improvisation. My respect for you just went from \RESPECT/ to \FULLOFRESPECTCAUSEIT'STHATGOOD/
  15. To do something like this on one take is very amazing. Good solid piano work here and fans of Chrono Trigger music will enjoy this. Although I didn't like this as much as gutzalpus's Time's Scar piano rendition this comes a close second. There are however a few problems - it sounds like his piano needs tuning (or perhaps it is just my ear), and there are minor glitches in the piece. I feel that if he had perhaps sat down and written it out and worked it out, it might have taken this piece to a new level. BUT having said that, I have to state again that to do something at this level on one tak
  16. YOU MUST DOWNLOAD THIS. If you like Time's Scar, get it. If you like piano, get it. What am I saying, get it anyway! This is one of the BEST remixes I have ever heard, from the sheer beauty of the arrangement and the emotive playing. Very well done to gutzapulus. Think Fantasy Reborn, only better. This song brings tears to my eyes. It's that good.
  17. 256 Ram, and I'm on Windows XP...Fruity Loops does the same thing whether I run it as the first program upon startup, or the last thing. I tried restarting, and it still does the skippy thing. ^^"
  18. Another crazy question - thanks for all the great help so far, but I'm a long way from being remotely good at Fruity Loops. Okay, next question/problem - Midi doesn't work properly. You know those little orange lights that are supposed to light up to signify the beat? They don't light up properly, they kind of jump...I can't describe it but suffice to say that it doesn't work very well. As a result the rhythms in Midi are never the same as what I put in to Fruity Loops. Anyone have a solution for this?
  19. Okay, I went and downloaded a few SoundFonts just to give them a go, but I'm having trouble working out how to use them. I gather you need something called a SF Player, but I don't think I have one, and if I did I don't know where to find it.
  20. Hmm. I think I have FL 3.3...but I didn't exactly pay for it (I'm poor! I'm overseas!). So is there anywhere where I can download the voice thing, or would I have to look for FL 3.5?
  21. D'oh! Why didn't I THINK of that! I'll have to get AnalogX again (I used to have it) I was actually refering to that cool looking thingy in the manual, but thanks for reminding me about analogx.
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