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  1. I've always been fond of this mix. No, it isn't his best (that honor belongs to Booster Tarantino in my opinion for so many reasons) but it jives. If you're looking for hardcore electronica, you'll probably be disappointed. This song just jives, though, and it's VERY faithful to the spirit of the original. Frankly, I think the artificial guitar helps the piece to flow a bit more. A real guitar would sound odd against all the precussion, I think. And it isn't too loud, the original was pretty reliant on background precussion too. This piece rocks the socks, Pretzel - I'd like to hear more like it.
  2. Am I really the only one here who thinks the song really suffers due to the ending?
  3. I have, zircon, I have. But the lack of a powerful finale just kills it for me, no matter how much I want it NOT to. This one needs a powerful finale to really "click", for me at least.
  4. I absolutely love this mix right up until about 3:17, where it just sort of... dies. The way the remixer follows the original tune fairly closely from about 2:00 onwards, you're expecting a HUGE orchestral hit at 3:17 as it sweeps into the grand finale. Instead, it sort of meanders and dies out, which was acutely disappointing. Yes, I know part of remixing is doing new things with old songs... but if you're going to follow a piece as closely as it has been here, then certain things must be done to make it "work", in my view. And here, the powerful, sweeping finale is one of those things. Remove that and the whole song falls flat. Of course, I'm cruel because I care. As I said, up till 3:17 I adore this mix; if it DID have the powerful finale, it'd be like musical porn. (And I mean that in the best way possible.) Let me put it this way: if a version of this IS remade with the big finale, I'd download it in a heartbeat. Anyway. Kudos to the remixer, but the ending needs work. fin.