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  1. I have a 14" composite Remo with their Skyndeep head on it. VERY ringy, as composite drums are, but that's why I bought it. If you like an earthier sound with fewer overtones that's easier to mix, go with a wood body.

  2. Wow, thanks for the glowing review of Dragon Song. That made my day :)

  3. I'M NOT LARRY. Dave, you've known him for years, he lived in your house, and you still can't tell us apart!?

  4. Yeah, that's what I figured, but if I don't get to see you at this MAGFest, it should still be good times working with you on this mix that Stevo is excited about.

  5. Hey Luiza, after hearing so much about you this weekend from an anonymous super fan of yours...let's just call him "Level 100"...I've come to the conclusion that you're one of the most awesome musicians that I have yet to get to know! Here's to hoping that you can make it way up here to the next MAGFest :)

  6. haha, that quote is so true.

  7. Thanks, glad you enjoyed!

  8. Got the mic at Guitar Center for ~$200. They actually didn't have it in stock so I took home a floor model for the weekend and I'm getting mine Monday. Don't know if I'll want to give this one up though, since by then me and this sexy loaner mic will have made sweet vocal love too many times to count :)

  9. I'll probably see if GC will price match the $205 from zzounds with the shockmount. That's with shipping so even if they only match the pre-shipping price I think I can still come out with the mic at ~$185. Not bad :)

  10. Haha, I knew about the price matching deal but I didn't think to get around the shipping and tax issue by having GC ship it to me.

    I've been procrastinating on getting an NT1A for the longest so I'm trying to decide whether I should get it from GC for $195 on sale or from zzounds for $206 (with s&h). The zzounds one comes with the shockmount, but I'm not sure that the GC one does. Any way to get a better deal than those?

  11. Slightly related story: My roommate lived in a basement apt in Hyattsville before she moved in here. Cave-cricket central. Anyway, we got all of her stuff and piled it in the living room for days until we got around to unpacking it. For one reason or another I decided to sleep in the living room one night. At 4am, I was awakened by the sound of what I thought was a mouse. When I go turn on the light, I see the biggest spider I have ever seen outside of a zoo strolling towards my front door. Big, thick, black, 3-4 inches across. That beast had hitched a ride from my roommates basement. I HATE SPIDERS. I grabbed the broom and with a loud battle cry, I lunged at the freak smashing it several times. It...didn't...die. It jumped up from it's protective position and ran under some boxes. Now it was hiding in a dark room full of unpacked crap and potentially more spiders. I searched for an hour before I found it and finished it off. Moral: all uninvited animals in apartments suck

  12. I'm actually just north of College Park in southern Silver Spring. I share a 2 bed/2 bath right now at $1372 but admittedly, it's a pretty swank place and I could probably find slightly cheaper in the area. I'd say a decent 2 bedroom with den would run you $1250 at least. If you're willing to fight off zergling-style waves of roach infestations, you could probably even find something in the $1100 range. Problem is, it's a college area and they can and do jack up the prices; I'm thinking it's to offset the business that they theoretically lose to people renting out basements.

    Yep, I see that paper transfers are a thing of the past. I hadn't thought about it before you mentioned it, but yeah I guess that is a cheesy way to save money and actually make more by forcing people to buy the $5 smart trip cards