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    Hi there, my name is Ben. You can also refer to me as Zidane. He is my favorite hero from my favorite series of my favorite videogame genre. Since my father grew up in a musically inclined family his acting has rubbed off on me, and I received much of my knowledge of music and theory hands on in theatre. I would like to compose a remix or be involved in a remix of Uematsu's (and other talented musician's) work.

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    Acoustic Guitar
    Vocals: Male
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    Singing Range: tenor-bass baritone

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  1. Zidane

    OCR03021 - Kingdom Hearts 'Trinity'

    I'm jammin' Good job, Tsperio.
  2. Zidane

    wip FFIX - Dragonfall (Freya's Theme)

    Yeah, this is wicked. Keep it up.
  3. I'm interested too, so I'll shoot you a pm.
  4. Haha, oh my word. This is great. Compliments the raging boar memories running rabid through my mind right now. :]
  5. Zidane

    wip FF9 -You Are Not Alone

    I have (obviously) listened to my fair share of mixes of this source material, so I have a tendency to be underwhelmed; I thought this was gorgeous. I think it particularly gains it's identity during the passionate freestyle with the electric guitar towards the latter part of the arrangement. Combining the delicate with the grunge is usually difficult for me to digest, but not this. It has a lot of heart. At the very least, it certainly has enough potential to be an OCR.
  6. Very impressive. Very chill. Very much in my iTunes right now.
  7. Zidane

    wip Jenova - 80's Electro Style

    The beginning does feel a bit rushed, but I liked everything that followed!
  8. Zidane

    finished Eternal Fantasy (Mashup)

    I thought the finisher was pretty cool. Some interesting track selection too, I liked that. I was hoping some of the music would intertwine, or be repeated somehow in the next melody. The transitions were smooth enough, some seemed more abrupt than others. For example the music fade out after the first clock ticking, probably could have taken it's time. The clock sounds could have had a longer echo added to them before put in the mix to stretch between ticks and combat the silence.
  9. Zidane

    OCR02098 - Chrono Trigger 'Third Eye'

    ABG is reading my mind with his remixes; I'm freaking out.. I want to dance n o w w w!
  10. The subtle details, in the best possible way, make this a stunning remix.
  11. I really enjoyed this. Keep it up, halc.
  12. Hah, thanks, now I can feel like a badass listening to Schala's Theme. Rad.
  13. Well, I am absolutely stunned... in a bad way. The Kingdom Hearts remixes approved for OCR are few and far between, and with tons of great source material (from the entire series) it baffles me. Granted I don't really keep up with the WIP sub-forum much, albeit I bet there has been some noteworthy stuff in there to be rejected (with good reason: standards). It's obvious how this got approved, but I couldn't even finish listening to this. The quality of the recording, the instruments, all fine and dandy (nothing particularly special about the arrangement here either, granted the cello was introduced). I remember hearing a similar take on Hikari/S&C from Missy (an average mixer) a few years ago, but she actually just spliced the official English and Japanese renditions of the PlanetB remix together and the end result was - enjoyable. At the risk of being rude, this just makes me sad. OCR hits its 10th year, has been met with some pro success, and we get a new KH mix! Unfortunately, this will not go on the playlist. The vocals ripped this song to shreds. The held note at the beginning was shaky, there were more than several instances where diotrans was not in tune, overpowered the music or didn't annunciate strongly. Also, the falsetto coupled with the guitar reminds me of a handful of volunteer praise and worship singers from my private school days. In lieu of complaining anymore, I will just digest the fact that "they can't all be winners".
  14. This is pretty catchy! My main critique would be the synthetic effects added to the male vocals (or vocaloid, if you used it, idk) didn't mesh with the raw ones of Melinda. I just thought it was kindof distracting. Maybe have them both sound a bit robotic or both natural. Good luck with your submission!
  15. Zidane

    The Legend of Dragoon

    Ah, LoD. The title of the song escapes me, but the one that plays during the opening sequence when Shana is taken captive really drew me into the story. Royal Castle is hot too.