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    Hi there, my name is Ben. You can also refer to me as Zidane. He is my favorite hero from my favorite series of my favorite videogame genre. Since my father grew up in a musically inclined family his acting has rubbed off on me, and I received much of my knowledge of music and theory hands on in theatre. I would like to compose a remix or be involved in a remix of Uematsu's (and other talented musician's) work.

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    Acoustic Guitar
    Vocals: Male
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    Singing Range: tenor-bass baritone

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  1. Haha, oh my word. This is great. Compliments the raging boar memories running rabid through my mind right now. :]
  2. I have (obviously) listened to my fair share of mixes of this source material, so I have a tendency to be underwhelmed; I thought this was gorgeous. I think it particularly gains it's identity during the passionate freestyle with the electric guitar towards the latter part of the arrangement. Combining the delicate with the grunge is usually difficult for me to digest, but not this. It has a lot of heart. At the very least, it certainly has enough potential to be an OCR.
  3. The beginning does feel a bit rushed, but I liked everything that followed!
  4. I thought the finisher was pretty cool. Some interesting track selection too, I liked that. I was hoping some of the music would intertwine, or be repeated somehow in the next melody. The transitions were smooth enough, some seemed more abrupt than others. For example the music fade out after the first clock ticking, probably could have taken it's time. The clock sounds could have had a longer echo added to them before put in the mix to stretch between ticks and combat the silence.
  5. ABG is reading my mind with his remixes; I'm freaking out.. I want to dance n o w w w!
  6. Quite alright! Hell, I've been registered here for many years. I'm just not as active as I'd like to be on the forums. :)

  7. The subtle details, in the best possible way, make this a stunning remix.
  8. I am so sorry for taking FOREVER to accept your friend request!! I feel really bad D; I forgot I even had an account here!!! Sooooooorry!!! D;

  9. thank you for your support :)

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