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  1. I am a big fan of your work(It's My Turn to Dream is one of my fave remixes) and this one is awessmoe. BUT PLZ, Make the the fairy fountain section longer or if possible, make a fairy fountain remix with that sound. JUST POST THE REMIX ALREADY!!!!
  2. There r no words to describe thie remix. It so fluid all through the duration and the cameos fit in so well with the main theme. Plus, the finale is fantastic And to think this is your 3rd remix and u deliver this !! Definetly one of my faves. X-cellent, kick-ass, job chthonic
  3. At first, I was kind of skeptical of this Remix becuz it was a rap/hip-hop version. But after hearing the first verse, all that went away. This has 2 be one of the remixes I've heard EVER. The whole remix flows well and the beat was xcellent. But really got my attention was DCT's lyrics. The way he spit it out had such an impact on me, becuz I'm going through the same shit he went through. It amazes me how he never had a previous remix submitted previously if this is the outcome. Hands down, dis is da the best remix of '05 and probably one the best remixes of all-time. DCT, kick-ass job on and I hope u produce more tracks like this(I see u gettin signed by a label in the near-future). Just-Us, xcellent job on da beats and keep producing more like this. I bow down 2 u both(I'm not worthy )
  4. I loved this remix from start for finish. It sounds just like the orginial. The whole techno/rave beat was xcellent. Thank u 4 giving me a reason that I love Zelda: it has great music that is made to kick-ass remixies .
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