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    I liked Zodiac...
  2. If by the "pitch change" you refer too the camera angles changing for boss intros...For example; following a dragon in flight from zoom in to land. Call it what ya want. It looks sexy to me.
  3. WOW! THEY FINALLY DID IT! AND F'N IGA SAID HE WOULDN'T DIDN'T HE???? And to think THIS is the kind of CV I ALWAYS wanted to see to the T! 3D side scroller. Some random change cam views but only when needed. Nice. Expand on this and I'll have an erection. I don't even like psp this sucks...now I have to get one. =(
  4. I wanna be a prick for just a second. Has anyone posted FF7 yet? Perhaps Metal Gear Solid? I'm shocked no one mentioned SUPERMAN 64!!!!!!!
  5. Clash was fraggin crazy!!! The idea was neat but it sucked so bad. Or so I say.
  6. I'll keep looking for my source. It had what I was talking about but for the life of me I can't find it. I forgot to mention Dan and Harold want Ben Stiller to replace Bill as well the main "new guy"/real comic releif.
  7. AS Troll bait I think I will say... Bubsy 3D. Anyway, I need to see Oregon Trail again. What an insanely goofy game. I died of Dysentery all the time. =/ EDIT: I hate Bubsy 3D. But I would say Shadowman for N64, but I dont think its crap...Yet everyone I know says it is. I think its awesome. Period.
  8. I read awhile back, like a month ago of a relatively new (maybe 3 months old if that? I forget exactly, may be older) script Dan Ackroyd had. Apparently it was everchanging and warping into a new story when he'd hit a bump. Murray sort of caused several obviously and last I checked it was almost like a new Extreme Ghostbusters movie. What caught my eye is it was Hell something. Not Hellbent which I AM PRETTY SURE was also a script he did. Unless I am getting them crossed. Anyways. Point is it was about this alternate New York. Low and behold, that seems to be what the tie-in game (unless I read it wrong) the game studio is developing while they hit legal issues with Sony. This makes me wonder, IF IT IS a tie-in..That confirms what may infact be the plot for the new game. It may be Dan's new Ghostbusters...WHICH makes me think...HEY! MOVIE MAYBE TOO???? HMMM? I'm wishing so bad right now. =(
  9. Perhaps your thinking of Ehrgeiz? Your thinking Square's game. He said Konami's. Big big difference. Hudsonsoft made Dream Mix TV World Fighters starring asome Konami characters. Here's the link. http://www.the-magicbox.com/game092203f.htm Come to think of it...this was mentioned and I think even linked earlier in the thread wasn't it? Not being rude just saying.
  10. Bump. For love. This trailer is so damn sexy.
  11. I don't think we see as many clone characters now... THEY HAVE MORE POWER NOW! MOOWW PPOOOWAAAAHHH!!!!! Dude this is insane! Icarus, Wario, and Metaknight EVERYONE knew would be in it. A possible new suit for Samus, a given. This one...? No. BUT SNAKE?!?!?! SNAAAAAAKE?!?!? Megaman and Sonic are next YOU WATCH!!! I wonder just how FAR they'll take Sonic. ie: Tails/Knuckles/Shadow/ect? I'm sorry but the only real response I think ANYONE can give right now is this. FISSION MAILED! TIME PARADOX!! (and I'm serious...)
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