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  1. Hey, I'm trying to figure out how I can record my guitar on my mac. From what I have herd about recording live interments for a remix you need a good sound card....seeing that all I have is a Dual-Core Mac book I'm wondering If i should even bother... Can any one gibe me some suggestions?
  2. Hey, I'm looking for a guitar version of the final fantasy song "The Prelude"...I've google searched already but I have yet to find a good version. Does anyone know a site where i can get FF tabs that are quite accurate or just a tab they know is good? Thanks
  3. Arabesque to say the least. I have not herd something like this on OCR since "Dragon Song" or "MayFortuneSmileUponYou". You just get a more emotional response out of the song when you actually play it on a guitar...I'm assuming the guitar is not electronic... Anyways, good job and I would like to hear more!
  4. I'm looking for a legend of zelda song. It is the one that everyone thinks is by system of a down, but i know it is not. For some reason i think it is an OCR song, but i could be wrong. It is the rock song that starts with, "Link, he come to town, he come to save the princess zelda..." and so on. Can anyone direct me in the right direction?
  5. YES! The waiting has been moved from whenever it is done to, 12.31.05 so about 30 hours. Now how long will we have to wait for the special edition?
  6. What does the special edition have that the normal does not?
  7. Oh man was that good, and i never post my opinion on this site. Usually just download and run. Very niiice, and it seems like you put your heart and soul into the remix. Not the MayFortuneSmileUponYou part two that im hopeing that you will do some day, but its a start. Great mix!
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