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  1. Great album, or rather soundtrack! Listening to it now and its all grade-A stuff. Congratualations to everyone involved, especially Shael. Next time I find time to sit down on my Xbox 360 I am definitely playing the shit out of this game.
  2. I'm glad that this mix finally got on OCR. I loved this track way back when it was just a straight guitar mix, but the vocals are a very nice touch and only add to the greatness.
  3. My friend with a Squire Bullet has the same problem. My guess is that the standard Squire Bridge isn't very good.
  4. Does anyone have some book recommendations on music theory, music composition, or anything else that could futher a remixers knownledge of a overall understanding of music which would result in an improvement of remix quality?
  5. Yes. To be quite honest, even though I have fooled around with remixing for about a year now I never accually really commited to it until about 3 weeks ago. So I am still new to the terms. But all I know is that this whole fooled around with year was being used with Trackers and their tutorials. I made no progess, I moved to Sequencers and I see progress every day.
  6. Which do you prefer using? (And why of course.) I prefer Soundfonts, mainly because thats all I know how to use. I tried trackers before and they just came off to complicated for me, I may learn to use them some time in the future, but at this time Soundfonts are me.
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