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  1. Every day i come check this thread out in hopes of it saying "THE PROJECT IS COMPLETED!!!" but..alas...no luck yet.. Still waiting though! Same here..
  2. Well, I wouldn't call it unappreciated.. Although those tunes are indeed good ones, Tyrano Castle has some silimar parts and moods as Kuja's Themes in FF IX.. Its not DEADLY alike on every level though, just similarities, the start is especially alike
  3. Im extremely excited to see what Compyfox manage to do with the mastering on this project!.. I never heard anything about him until this project, so I have no idea of what he will come forth with.. Can't wait..
  4. haha indeed!.. the drums arent mixed at all, and I havent really mixed anything, since its just a short demo.. I just started on the tune.. Glad you like it though
  5. Hey, heres a short demo on "Sheena Theme" that I recently began to ReMix and that I may Finish as a Remix for this project.. Sheena Theme Demo
  6. Is the Track List locked or may a few more tunes be added to the list?.. I have a tune remixed thats not on the list that kinda Chain the titles together in a more spesific way as its the ending tunes of both games..
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