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  1. Piano panned through both channels sound interesting and fit very well in all parts of the music. The flute play so emotionally that makes me feel stranger when I heard the melody. There is no better word for the title, my only restriction is that it must be in the plural, because there are many strangers in the desert. I hope someday I learn to play woodwinds like the judges here. The piano fade out need no commentaries, pretty cool.
  2. ... and its not over yet. It is an outstanding track. The eletronica break is the part I enjoy the most, I can't explain exactly how I feel everytime I heard this little part, but I think is a good blend of distant elements in one remix. And it isn't only for the crazy synths and choirs but also for the drum in that break, somehow it is a very hormonic use of the drum techniques. The quality and feeling of the rest of the piece is unquestionable. The Graytest flute flares ever, aha.