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  1. the genre is drum and bass and i tell you summin this tune ROXX like a ton of pebbles in a hammock. i can honestly see fabio and grroverider dropping this in a gig and the place going crazy.i sure as hell would be. This is a strong contender for the best OCremix in history top class shit my friend!
  2. this is a calmer more sinister feelign mix of a computer game classic. More huanting and more challenging to previous conceptions of command and conquer music.
  3. Gd evening. jaka maneziak here. uk resident and music lover. Ive recently got into oc remixes mainly as i wa sbecoming more and more disgusted at teh way teh uk music industry is going and turned to the internet and found the oc remixes. In short they rock and found this site! Brief history over imhere to make new friends and start a few oc remixes myself!
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