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  1. Among all the video game tracks I heard when I was younger, I think most of them were only average. Only a fistful of them were good, and I can still remember them. But, there was also a third category. It was the very annoying ones. They would always get on my nerves and I would even mute the TV because of them! And there was that one track that was particularly annoying, particularly irritating. It was the Metropolis Zone theme. So, why am I telling you all that? That's because, contrary to the original, this track is a killer! When I recognized it I thought: "no way, it can't be THAT track"! To manage to spot what can be done to turn a bad track into a terrific one is... beyond great! One word (please imagine me saying it with my heavy French accent): BRAVO!
  2. A tour de force! I'm French and normally don't like what KDD do, but this remix is a very different thing. An original video game remix, an original FF6 remix, and an original rap song, all in one mix. If some of you guys want to know more about French rap, this article is very interesting. Cheers.
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