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  1. Well I'm not sure what DAW is. But to mix the tracks I use MixPad. But everything is pretty good as far as playing goes. Still missing that acoustic guitar riff behind the solo though. The intro riff is spot on though. The solo is spot on too. However, the main melody at :50 is a bit off compared to the midi and synth guitar versions. You should recheck that. So pretty much if you just correct that, it'll be perfect.
  2. Hi, I'm MikeViper aka Magnius and I can compose music for your project. Whether it's a game, a flash animation, it doesn't matter to me, I'll compose for you. I can compose in a variety of styles, including rock, metal, orchestra or even dance. Examples: You can check out some examples of my work below: - A boss battle theme request I did for someone. - Another battle theme request I did for someone. - A 90's style dance track I did. - Another 90's style dance track I did. - An old orchestral style battle theme I did.So I'm interested! Now what? If you're interested, please send me a PM or e-mail with the following..... - Detailed information about your projects. (Mandatory) - If your project is visual, please have something visual to show off.(Mandatory) Closing: And that's basically. Also, make sure you have either AIM or MSN so we can communicate.
  3. So how's it going? Hope you just aren't going to stop posting with no explanation. lol
  4. Hey, MikeViper here. A couple monthes ago I composed this song called "Hot Blooded Battle". Recently, I've got a friend of mine to record the song with real guitars. So, this is basically the same song but with real guitars. You can listen to it here:
  5. Sounding pretty good man. Not sure what reaper is. But yeah, you can add vibrato and slides wherever you want. As long as it doesn't change the main melody too much.
  6. Alright. Thanks. The backing track with no guitars is here: http://www.mediafire.com/download.php?wdwk5cjl5hv1973 And the midi is here: http://www.mediafire.com/download.php?x5m1b3i5hm5gqmb When you record the tracks though, can you record them seperately? You know, one track for each guitar part?' You can also improvise at the section at 1:57, if you want to. It's not necessary though.
  7. Are you still available? If so, I've got one song I've been looking for a vocalist for. It's here: PM me if you're still interested; after that I can give you the lyrics and backing track.
  8. Hey, MikeViper here. I recently composed an original Heavy Metal composition. You can listen to it here... However, in this version of the composition, the guitars are midi. So I'm looking for an experienced guitarist, to record parts of this song, with real guitars. There are 4 main parts that I need recorded: -The lead guitar part -The backing guitar part -The rhythm guitar part -An acoustic guitar part If you're interested, I can give you the original midi, so you can sync your recordings to that.
  9. Hey, MikeViper here. I recently finished this battle theme request for Devastata, a member of the RPGMAKERVX forums. I'd best describe it as Guilty Gear-esque instrumental metal. Infact, the music in Guilty Gear was one of my main inspirations for this song. This version doesn't use real guitars; but if I can find a guitarist to record it, I'll make a version with real guitars. Anyway, you can listen to it here:
  10. Last night I started composing a piece called "An Impenetrable Spirit". It is a battle theme that's very inspired by the battle themes used in Grandia and Lunar. I'd like comments and critique on it, so don't forget to tell me what you think about it. Anyway, I hope you guys like it.
  11. Uploaded a new version. You can listen to it here: Haven't extended it yet, but I used different samples.
  12. Thanks for the critique everyone. I'll keep all this stuff in mind as I continue the piece. It seems the biggest problem is the samples. So is there anywhere I could get better samples for free? Also, while I do accept comments and critique; please do not spam the youtube page with useless comments(You know who you are). They will be removed almost immediately.
  13. Thanks for the critique. Yeah, I actually thought it was kind of loud too. So I'll probably change it if I ever upload a new version.
  14. Hey, MikeViper here. I did a remix of Skull Man's theme from Mega Man 4 and I would like comments and critique on how I can improve it. Remember though, it's only in the WIP stage. You can listen to it here:
  15. MikeViper here. Today I completed a battle theme, titled "Party on the battlefield". The theme itself was an attempt to combine elements of RPG battle themes, with dance music. You can listen to it here: Don't forget to thumb it up if you like it.
  16. Hi, I'm Young Prodigy aka Magnius. I recently wrote a new battle theme entitled "The invincible warriors". It's a battle theme that was heavily inspired by the battle themes of Grandia and Lunar. I'd like to know what you guys think of it. You can listen to it here: Remember to thumb it up if you like it.
  17. Here's a new dance beat I did called "Pump It Up". It was inspired by "True Love Makin'" from CVS2.
  18. Here's a new 90's style beat that I finished...
  19. This is a new song that I wrote, that combines elements of jazz and hip hop. http://www.soundclick.com/bands/page_songInfo.cfm?bandID=1127019&songID=10974015
  20. Here's my situation. I used a male-female converter thing, to plug my amp or keyboard, straight to the mic port. Basically, I plug the amp cord from the headphone input on the amp, to the mic port. But I'm wondering, is this dangerous? I've read from some places that this can destroy your soundcard or damage your computer or something.
  21. Wow, either contribute or leave the guy alone. Honestly.
  22. Here's a new battle theme I just finished up. Comments and critique are welcome. Like it? Hate it? Make sure to rate it on the youtube page.
  23. I wrote a new battle theme called "Hot Blooded Battle". You can check it out here. http://www.soundclick.com/bands/page_songInfo.cfm?bandID=1127019&songID=10869153 If that doesn't work here's another link to a lower quality version:
  24. The first piece is this one, an orchestral theme. http://www.soundclick.com/bands/page_songInfo.cfm?bandID=1127019&songID=10775951 The second one, is more of an attempt to mix hip hop with orchestra. http://www.soundclick.com/bands/page_songInfo.cfm?bandID=1127019&songID=10777152
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