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  1. I cannot find the patch notes thy speak of.
  2. I love the fact that I can sit in the flagroom and sap the flagrunner right as he or she grabs our flag and then scream to the defenders that I found a filthy alliance dog trying to steal from us in WSG.
  3. We'll be here when you're tired of how tedious that job will be.
  4. Lol. You'd get charged as a heretic on the official rogue forums if you said that, but I know better. Most rogues are all, "OMG, you use evasion against a warrior!? OVERPOWER, NUB!" and stuff. The smart rogue's reasoning: It's better to eat an overpower and dodge the other attacks, than to hold off evasion from being afraid of an overpower which we all know will eventually arrive.
  5. I swear. This game is like fucking crack. I just came back to it a few weeks ago, blech. I feel dirty. Oh well, I'm having fun, that's all that matters. Comin' in to the conversation...I play a rogue, end-game raiding guild...I have to say, I do agree that rogues need a little more than some tweaking. Every class has some horrible way to counter us. As ellywu2 said earlier, yes, to beat most other classes, the rogue needs to be 100% on top of his game. I can pull it off usually, but even then, sometimes the opponent is so amazingly geared that even then it doesn't matter. Ever been killed by a warrior in less than 4 seconds flat, EVEN when you pop off a Cheapshot AND a Kidneyshot? Yeah. Suckage. And I'm in more than half-epics here. The thing about rogues VS several classes is that they can be easily kited if they don't have certain cooldowns up. This applies to Warlocks, Mages, Priests (emphasizing shadow priests), and Hunters the most. Fuck, if I don't have my cooldowns and I start getting kited? I just /sit. That's how horrible it's come to be. Druids can shapeshift any time out of it, warriors can intercept, shamans don't need to give a crap because they can heal and toss their own bloody spells...etc etc. My opinion is that rogues are TOO dependant on our cooldowns. With all of them up, we can do well for ourselves, and fight on equal or better level. But the fact remains that we can only do this every 5 minutes. Fuck.
  6. Cosmos went down the tubes ages ago. I suggest CTmod, or the Insomniax Compiliation. Get Titanbar too, because it's nice. BUT FOR THE LOVE OF GOD, GET CT-RAIDASSIST. I AM 100% FREAKING SERIOUS. Even if you don't get the full CTmod suite, CTRA is a fucking must.
  7. After months of playing, being level 60, occasionally running MC and BWL... ...I'm rather tired of this game. Sure, it was addicting for a while...but...it's just so BORING now. Doing the same damn instances all the time...and not making any PVP progress because of well-organized, PVP-epic'd alliance "A-Teams" ruling the damn battlegrounds, and horde's unorganized level 60ers... Meh. I decided I'm gonna drop this...it's just not worth the bloody trouble anymore. Auto Assault however, looks very very, very very very fun. Plays as such too ((playing the free preview)). It's a little buggy (lol, vehicle pun), but I can work with it. It's a nice change from Warcraft at the very least.
  8. I told you so. Jog my memory please kthx Joggage initiated.
  9. Farming...farming... Well, the place I farm the most is the plaguelands. Specefically Tyr's Hand in the Eatern part...surprisingly...there's usually 0 people there. The times I have went, I've always been alone. Always. The mobs are mine to pwn. Occasionally I visit the tower south of Hearthglen in the Western Plagues...the spellbinders there sometimes drop the fabled Crusader enchant recipe. Sells for hundreds of gold on the AH's. Thing is, I don't have the patience to farm. So I'm broke no matter WHAT I do. EDIT: For someone of appropriate level, he just went from casual to complete and total ownage. Serious, yo.
  10. Huuh...NRRRRRAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAOOOOOO Hee, death noises. EDIT: On a sidenote, new tier .5 rogue set looks FTW. Even though this pic doesn't have the new helmet with it.
  11. For me, it's a little different. Get Weapons Get Armor Go to high-level area to get better weapons and armor Beat up alliance and duel friends to have fun Repeat That sums it up for me. It's so sickeningly satisfying seeing a Night Elf die. Especially the priests. F'ing priests. ((This is Shinji XJ, by the way. I changed my name after a little thought.))
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