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  1. Dont know the original so cant comment on arrangement On processing though, the elec piano needs to be rebalanced something savage - it stands out too much. Balance overall needs some work, but its minor compared to that elec piano; seriously pull that sucker back!! Compression + -6db mixer, or something Nice track overall though. I feel like I should be chatting some barfly up.
  2. Apparently the Battlefield series only ever wrote one song and just changed up the instrumentation. This is NOT going to get onto OCR, I know that already, but I would like to improve on it so feedback plz. Original - Remix - https://www.box.com/s/7wlnkqzf93iujs99s0ml
  3. From a processing perspective: You need a lower threshold and a lower ratio on your master bus compressor - at the moment the peaks are cut out, totally. Orchestral music is meant to be dynamic, but you sucked alot of the emotion out w the processing.... pull the threshold down another -6db maybe, but reduce the compr. ratio by at least half - give it a bit of room to breathe. Arrangement perspective: Its not overly complex, fairly straightforward. Honestly its fine to me, as a listener, but I dont think this would get past the judges. Theres no definable interpretation, its more re-interpretation than remix.
  4. So anyone lose their track? Consider me circling in the water
  5. Not confused at all - thats what I'm talking about too. But I'm not dictating how he should process his drums, because each producer is different and each recommendation works well in different scenarios. So I stick by those three types of processing
  6. It also depends what you want from your productions (note, I play synthetic stuff mostly so if you apply my comments to piano or orchestral sounds you're retarded.. plus I write for myself, I dont rely on it for an income) Theres a song - 'Babara Streisand' by Duck Sauce - that I hold up in these cases. Its an entertaining song, its popular on MP3 players, in clubs, on radios... I'll dance to it when smashed off my nipples. But fuck me, as a musician, I hate it. Its made of four layers at best, and three of them are samples of other peoples work (Vengeance samples, Boney M, etc). How can you release that and say its YOUR track?! For me, I make sounds because I love CREATING the sound - the detail in building the right sound from scratch, balancing 2-3 OSC's with the right envelopes and effects... when you get the sound you were working towards, after hours of work... Well, being able to take something completely intangible from your head and make it physical its... orgasmic.... and thats an understatement But sometimes I just want to make a track to show a friend or something, and samples give you that extra freedom and speed. Its not as satisfying, emotionally, but its a Babara Streisand - its fun easy and accessible. You can make a free violin sound like $1m if you want to spend the time processing each sample. Its a matter of whether the time and enjoyment you get from that process is worth the cost of a better library.
  7. Not bad, your presentation style is fairly fluid, it'll be great to see you with a few more videos under your belt. This is best used for slapping a newbie (or medium-bie) in the chin with a fact; to get a good sound, you have to work for it - its not a plug in, its not sample, its putting in some time and effort to create the sound you need.
  8. Depends what youre making and how you want to make it. You COULD... Split the samples by type; Clean and easy for management, but it gets difficult to manage individual dynamic variances and scapes Each sample gets a separate layer; Excellent control for sounds and balance, but it'll get messy real quick and tone may be inconsistent if you dont manage your sends well Divide by group: Most logical and consistent for overall processing, but you really need to think ahead and know the track before you start making it. Ends up messy if you change halfway through. Also, note that I use Reason and not FL, so managing automation in a track line is easier (imo) Personally I prefer to divide samples by group because of post processing. But if I'm making a track without a sound/style in mind, it ends up sounds TERRIBLE.
  9. Just listened to your entry for 213 SirNutz, a good winner there! We both had the same idea w the constant bass, great minds... Wouldve been awesome to hear your secondary take on this. Between PRCs 213 and 246 we have enough tracks for a Battlefield Remix EP - who wants to approach EA for some potential currency? Also, I'm gonna keep working on my version of this track; it'll never get onto OCR (or OLR) but its damn addictive.
  10. Just submitted a bonus mix! Soooooo only one actual sub so far. Is this gonna get extended?
  11. Ok so I got 3 responses for you, each one real (in a way) - The honest and apologetic: Whoa, seriously? Havnt heard the B3 theme [Listens] Yeh, they're the same song... sorry PRC people, didnt know... The snide and dismissive: [Listens to Battlefield 3 theme] It sounds like I'm listening to the '42 theme on a speaker with a blown sub. Besides, '42 came out first, so if anything SirNuts submitted a REMIX for PRC, so mines legit and like.. yeh.. howya gonna act, yo [high fives a passing bro] The Irish minstrel: It looks like a repeat to me, of P R C 2 4 and 3 The themes are the same, And on paper its lame, But it might make some listeners squee. I'm looking forward to hearing the winners, As we rapidly approach the finis', I'll be back in a day For now I'll be on me way To go fuck a sheep and drink Guinness
  12. Bonus points for rapping. No points for spoken word poetry tho. ... unless its in pirate.
  13. I'm getting a chubby for this project... (specially if forest mushrooms gets reopened)
  14. Its amazing what an extra hour or 2 can do to a song... (re-upped) Apparently 24 hours doesnt do much for a PRC tho. Shame.
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