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  1. If there ever was some kind of epic Zelda movie made, this would definitely have to be in it. Every time I hear it, I think of a quiet, peaceful Hyrule until you get to 0:48, when it suddenly seems to be a darker scene. 1:23 brings around this kind of chaos of war... and then it fluctuates throughout, going from peaceful to war-like in a great transitive way. Not a song I even thought would get mixed specifically, but it sure did get mixed well! 'Course, I like anything Zelda and orchestrated; what better combination is there? 10 outta 10! *claps applaudingly* My work here is done.
  2. Something this upbeat yet relaxing is really hard to come by, and it's just an overall great theme to mix. 9.5 outta 10 for an awesome rhythm and sweet violin harmony!
  3. It's a close tie between this and Gerudo Interlude, but I gotta say, this one takes it IMO. Slowing down the beat of all-powerful Gerudo Theme really brought a new feel to it, and simply put, everything sounds great! 10 outta 10, keep the great remixes comin' Peeples!
  4. Great, fast-paced remix that'll keep you listening until the end. Anyone who's heard the FF7 Boss Theme is bound to appreciate this remix, even if it's just a little bit. I recommend it: 8 outta 10.
  5. IMO, this could be the best remix on the site (at least out of all the ones I've heard)! I personally liked the drum solo; it really brought power to the normally calm theme. But hey, maybe I've got no taste in music? Even if that's the case, this is one of the best mixes on the site. 10 (or more) outta 10!!! Every Final Fantasy gamer should definitely hear it at least once!
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