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  1. Oh that pic, I would have remembered if I ever seen a flick involving her doing something like that. I believe its origins were either a tv series I haven't seen, or manga series I've not read just yet. Most likely wasted or simply flushed from either embarrassment or desperation.

    If you want something graphic but without the 80's gore though, look for Taimanasagi (Anti-Demon Ninjas - especially episode 3), Dark Love 1+2, or Dark Knight Ingrid(?). Can't really go wrong with them. :lol:

    I will say though the youtube links all come from my youtube channel in my faved section. I've been meaning to organize it one day but never got around to it. In any rate the following are probably my absolute favs right now.




    While there are plenty of GOOD remixes of "Faith is for the Transient People", there are so few for "Invisible Full Moon".

  2. Which youtube link you're talkin about that has porn Derrit? I'm pretty sure all the links I gave were perfectly safe. :lol:

  3. Ah I see, I just posted another image in response to your last post on the BB thread; trying to be funny but man that sucks.

    Not saying you should but ever considered working for the govt?

  4. Hey dood ignore that pm and look at the sharkbabes thread. Posted a better version from the PM there. No one should complain about the sig.

  5. Dood I sent ya a pm about your sig. Try that one for now as it ought to conform to the size restrictions around here; unless I was off by a pixel or two when I made it.

  6. If ya want the sound track to UFO just ask.

  7. Eh sorry for the spam but to give ya one of many views on my mind, here's one of the many contributing factors of my growth --> http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dW3Roqmfr94

    and my personal love for shock imagery as well as the mind.

  8. I'm also rather surprised out of the four years I've had my account I managed to get one subscriber. :lol:

    I should consider organizing my favorites; though I wish Youtube had a more user friendly way of doing so. You're welcome to be my second subscriber if it catches your interest. :razz:

  9. Actually no but I am subscribed to that guy, I'm actually --> http://www.youtube.com/user/Schwaltzvald

  10. :lol: well hey if ya ever need quick and easy access to pc based shmups just ask. Touhou as well as other doujin games like
    as well as http://www.youtube.com/watch#!v=E6NRHcd4ysQ are not far from my grasp. :razz:
  11. ah well. just sharing the option if ya preferred the PC. :)!!

  12. I'll try finding them, can't promise I'd succeed though.

  13. Pfft makes me glad I went for an 8gigger from sony; still I'd love to have some 30gb mp3 players but not mess with apple's shit.

    So was that 6th one you missed out earlier or was it something you had but classified as something else?

    I'll continue keeping an eye out for their stuff as things come by my way. :)!!

  14. Mintjam sure likes to spread their stuff out don't they? Was a bitch to find them. :lol:

  15. Hey man check your inbox, the "stuff" ought to be there by now. ;)

  16. This looks better than this other one I saw last night as I had considered getting a bunch of shock images (Not reaction images just images that merely "surprise") together and have them pop up via randomizer after Boss month is over. Or just find some really aesthetically pleasing images and have them randomized.

    Thanks man

  17. Hey thanks~!

    Coincidentally I was listening to http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yfSJ9CBIa3c while looking through the forums. :lol:

    Once again thanks man! If ya need any images I'll share it if I have it!

  18. Oh I find them from the far reaches of the internet. From 2ch/4chan to mundane regular sites. I will admit I have specific sites upon which I can nearly find anything on touhou; both from moeblobs to explicitly pornographic in nature among everything else I want; this of course though is not restricted on just Touhou related material. >:J

  19. lawl, if you actually do at least have a PS3, ya may like Yakuza 3. Makes me think of River City Ransom in some ways except incredibly fleshed out.

  20. Hey Gollgagh here's a short clip on Gradius V if you're interested. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IY079Nh2THQ

  21. Hey man on MK, just go to the main options screen where you can see stuff such as your stats and stuff (Press triangle button) and you'll see "Grow Book" as a selectable option. Go there and you'll see how you can improve your stats; which is based on what items you've synthesized.

    Also take note aside from the workshop there's that room (athanor room if I recall correctly) near the workshop where you can develope weapons/armor and accessories; they too are important to the stats of the characters. Once you've made them just look at the grow book and a slot to where you can improve your stats will light up. Allot the needed AP to "plug" in the stats.

    Hope that explains things easily enough for ya. If you have any more questions or are having trouble understanding something don't hesitate to ask.

  22. check out my recent post on the the rpg thread when ya can.

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