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  1. My bad man, I just opened up the song without checking, that is it. I was just looking for something really simple, heavy bass. Easy to flow over. Like ATL stuff. TI - A Better Day TI - No Matter What I might just end up using the instrumental for No Matter What, found it the other day and it's really tight.
  2. Naw man, it's good, just not what I was looking for. So thanks man, its cool. And Dannthr, I thought it was a track from Parappa or something cos of the pic, thought he just linked a mp3 and I didn't know he mixed it, so back the fuck up.
  3. Haha It's cute Deadline is about two weeks or so.
  4. Hey.. was wondering if anyone can help me out with this, it should not be too hard. I need just someone with FLoops or something to put a beat on top of "Leaving on a Jet Plane" melody (John Denver) so I can rap over it.. cos I'm leaving on a jet plane, and want to record something of my friend. Don't have any remix knowledge
  5. I remember from a long, long time ago, there was a Counterstrike remix on here. I think it got removed during one of the quality checks or something. But I am trying to find it, does anyone know the name? I think it was Paleriders something..
  6. Wow, it looks really good... looks a lot like CT / SD2 feel. I wonder if they can really produce it with so few staffs though.
  7. Uh, yeah, came upon One Up Studio's Hop Hop Donut Lifts, and decided to burn a CD of ridiculously happy, cheerful sounding music for my car. Any particular recommendations? I have most of the songs, I think, but probably not gonna listen through all 1000+ of them again to find the 15 or so I need.. haha
  8. Hahaha.. where did you get those voice sample from? And for the guy who asked what she's saying.. it's just saying the girl ate everything.. the congee is tasty.. surely can't eat it.. there's no flavour.. in all mixed up jumbles. I can't hear entirely. Haha.. so jokes
  9. nothing really comes to mind~.. since just played through chrono trigger again recently, i guess would be golem twins.. which was a bit hard.. n then the lavos form where you meant to lose..
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