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  1. Your Nintendo dream team needs more F-zero. Any of the starting 4 roster but also one of the 30 characters F-zero X added(or the extra 10 GX added). Imagine Pico, Samurai Goroh, give Ganondorf his own move set and make Blood Falcon(if they are gonna still make clones), The Skull, Bio Rex, Octoman, Don Genie, and many others. I could seriously go on, 30+ characters and only one makes it. And yes I know Captain Falcon has a Blood Falcon alternate costume. F-zero is obviously Nintendo's runt
  2. Wish work wasnt in the way, wanted to participate, o wells. Good luck to all participants I can not wait to see any recorded matches.
  3. Please consider the factor of this. If you are to compete in any sport/game you want people to rely on their skill and not luck. Hence why these stages/items are taken out of the tourny. Either way STFU about casual/competitive players. We all are entitled to our own opinion but this one just gets so annoying to read everywhere for all parties. Brings out the nasty people.
  4. It all depends if I work or not. Id like to participate but my work schedule is all funky atm. I will message ya Arek if all goes to plan. If not GL to all playing but most importantly have fun.
  5. Although I may not be able to participate (planned arrangements) , I have one thing to add to the list of levels. Skyworld! It is total crap. Some characters just can not recover on it.
  6. There is also stickers you can put on a character trophy stand to increase the trophy stand drop rate. I need to do that myself. Just debating on who to use as a Boss trophy catcher. Probably MK or PKMN Trainer.
  7. The secret to 15 min brawl is the "Fan"! Just grab it when it appears and keep spamming it on the edge! and hope nothing explosive/freezies/dekunuts land in front of you. Best done with a smaller character.
  8. I just need to do the Boss battles/all-star/100 man brawl with everyone, anything that requires a certain amount of time played in Brawl, and collect all or a lot of stickers/trophies. Yet to use a hammer. Saving those for when I get so frustrated I end up pulling my fro off.
  9. When the original Diablo came out I played that non stop and made so many characters I was running out of names. So I came up with this, I have used it everywhere since then. Plus believe it or not its never taken anywhere I use it. Since most people name themselves something "evil/cool/dark/etc" I find it hard that this is never taken.
  10. Yeah I was hehe, thanks for that. OCR is set to a auto-load tab :3
  11. Damn Atma beat me to it =/ Free usually mean poor quality.
  12. Wish they didn't put FFV on the GBA and made it for the DS. Then I would buy it >.> Maybe I should just succumb and try and get it for the GBA.
  13. Whether you want a challenge or not people should join so we can get more matches going. Most want 1v1 so the more the merrier. You may like it rough or just wanna have fun. Get your arse in the #clanocr
  14. I am usually always up for a game, I prefer the one one one games more so. I got your message a tad late that one night, I apologize XD. But hit me up whenever I am on.
  15. That was a RL friend playing at her house, I called her up and told her we should all play the same character. XD We were trying to get to your head.
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