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  1. I saw him some years back on vgmix (1.0), when I used to go there. He had a different name and I remember being surprised that he changed his name without saying at first. I think it was a shorter name that still started with A, but I could be wrong.
  2. I kinda dug FFIV and can see why they're making a sequel to it. It had a medieval, magical charm that I haven't seen in any of the others in quite the same way. It's hard to describe, but something about it just had its own magic about it.
  3. Have we heard about this yet? http://www.square-enix.co.jp/mobile/ff/ff4after/ Not too impressed with the sprites but curious about what the story's like FFIV rox0red (It's mobile phone only)
  4. With the list of remixers there -- sephfire, darkesword, etc-- this oughta be good
  5. When DJP does electronica/orchestral (okay, when doesn't he ) you know the results will be good Some of the volume levels seemed a bit odd to me... the skipped notes in part of the melody did too (just cuz I was used to hearing it the other way). But the variation made up for that. I like the solo around 2:30ish though. Fade-out was a bit too long. I think it coulda used a bit of extra production (which is usually your strong suit), but not bad 4 out of 5 nice works!
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