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  1. This kicks so much ass. If you like Secret of Mana, this track will put a big smile on your face, guaranteed.
  2. This is a great piece. As an overall production I think Death on the Snowfield is superior, but the electric guitars are totally badass.
  3. This is one of my favorite remixes here so far. The arrangement is amazing, with so many textures, if you know what I mean. I love the floating piano and guitar bits towards the end. Overall it has a solemn tone... it really does something interesting with the original theme. This is just great music. This is the kind of music that makes me love this site.
  4. This is wonderful. It feels like a very natural fusion. It feels one type of music, not two... it's... "turbo-orchestra." I'd even call this groundbreaking. It's definitely pro quality... if these two collaborators made a CD, I would most definitely buy it. Eagerly
  5. I love this... this was my favorite song from Secret of Mana, and this version does justice to the original. I wish more people would remix this piece. Very ethereal.
  6. I liked this a lot... I put it on the first CD I burned of remixes from this site. Like a lot of people, Time Circuits was one of my favorite VGM tracks ever, and this is a really neat version. The chords and beat are kind of hip-hop/jazz style, and the violin is a nice touch. It's got a great groove.
  7. The original was one of the most powerful songs from a video game that I've ever experienced... I've always had a great emotional response to that song. And I really like this version. The strings could be better, but I agree with what many others have said... it has soul. This piece brings out the emotion in the song and also adds a different sort of feeling of its own to the original, which works well, I think. I wish more people would do this song. For now, Neil's work will satisfy me.
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