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  1. Great piano playing agreed, although whoever said that was right...a few spots seemed a bit muddy or something? Also in the vicinty of 3:40, the scalish part...the harmony sounded a bit unsophisticated, and the notes were like bashed together. But anyway, I still like it.
  2. The original on Final Fantasy: Pray/Love Will Grow??? I can't remember, but the vocal compilations of final fantasy songs sounds almost exactly like this one. Just slightly altered here, with the guitar.
  3. FUFUFUFUFU....this is totally fun!!!! The motif is excellent. Motif, that's right.
  4. It's not bad. It's weird on headphones definitely agreed, but I think it's kind of unique. Backdrifts...that Radiohead song, kinda rhythmically like that.
  5. A wonderful experience overall. I agree, it's amazing how the techno integration wasn't awkward at all.