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  1. Sign me up! Nobuo is a freaking musical genius! he's one of my favourite composers, along with Jun Ishikawa, Yoko Shimomura, and Hirokazu Ando. I already hit 'Like' on his FB page.
  2. I especially love the cello; it captivated me.
  3. I first knew of OC Remix when I searched for Tetris mixes in Napster in mid-2000. I came across some that had 'OC ReMix' at the end and tried downloading them. When one of the 'hosts' I was downloading from had to go, he told me "you can download them at remix.overclocked.org", so I came to this site. I've always loved video games music, so I started downloading more ReMixes and burn them in CDs. After a couple of years of knowing which ReMixes were my 'best companions', my 4- and 5-star songs, I decided to burn compilations called "Pili's 'Me' ReMixes", and since 2004 to now, I have burned 7 CDs, with an average of 15 ReMixes per disc. Those 'Me' ReMixes have been a good part of my life, and very good 'friends', whenever I'm surfing the Net, driving, sewing, embroidering, painting, or just feeling lonely. I've even dreamt of them being played (either in music players or by some person using musical instruments, or played in the background, soundtrack-like), sung, or hummed by me. For now, my fave ReMixers are, in no particular order: Star Salzman, Russell Cox, Spekkosaurus, Trenthian, GrayLightning, DJ Chrono, DJ Pheonix, Jared Hudson, FF Music DJ, The Wingless, McVaffe, DZComposer, Dhsu, PriZm, Christian Pacaud, DJ Pretzel, and Bladiator. All these ReMixers have at least 3 ReMixes that made it into my 'Me' ReMixes series.
  4. This is one of the ReMixes that made it into my Favourites list. Here's my little 'tribute' to it: http://www.zazzle.com/no_worries_no_fears_no_nightmares_no_tears_tshirt-235723914735192758
  5. I'm usually a Small, but I also wear a Children's 14.
  6. I love this ReMix! To me, those drums sound like 'military'.
  7. Spanish is my first language, so here are the real lyrics: No me gusta ver como le amargan la vida a mis amigos con el sueño perdido miras el reloj y te pones a temblar sabiendo que llega el momento de llorar te hacen decir cosas que no quieres te hacen hacer cosas que no debes el momento llegó, llegó de ponerse a jugar otra vez Yo tuve infancia normal en que nada me llegó a perturbar pero aprendí a controlar al monstruo que devora sin cesar ahora no puedo dejar de jugar ya no puedo dejar de jugar PAC MAN PAC MAN PAC MAN PAC MAN Ellos tuvieron infancia normal en que nada les llegó a perturbar pero aprendieron a controlar al monstruo que devora sin, sin cesar ahora no pueden dejar de jugar no ya no pueden dejar de jugar, jugar... PAC MAN PAC MAN PAC MAN PAC MAN y dice "A bailar el 'twist'!" No puedo dejar No puedo dejar No puedo dejar de jugar No puedo dejar No puedo dejar No puedo dejar... La vida está en sólo jugar, jugar La vida está en sólo jugar, jugar La vida está en sólo jugar, jugar Te digo que la vida está en sólo jugar, jugar Te digo la vida está en sólo jugar, jugar la... la vida... la vida... la vida... la vida... la vida está en solo... PAC MAN Just a few corrections of another lyrics transcript attempt.
  8. This 'Energy Tank' really filled mine. It was love at first listening, especially for the violin sequence at the end.
  9. I still keep on diggin' this! I already nicknamed it "The Aviator's Anthem".
  10. I like the original song, and this ReMix pays good homage to it. However, this song would sound better if played with a real pipe organ and some cellos.
  11. The rhythm is perfect for a workout, especially kickboxing!
  12. This sounds like Enigma's style, only better!
  13. I don't usually like salsa, but this tune is catchy. Maybe someday makes it to the 'Me' Remixes list (I have burned 8 CDs of 'Me' ReMixes so far, totaling 120 ReMixes!)
  14. With this song, I could actually picture Hitler (that public-car-driver-faced b******)giving speeches, and those Nazi soldiers in uniform. Actually, I like that uniform, but not its colours.
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