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  1. hey i was just looking at hopefully buying FL Studio online and wondered if anyone could help me out with selecting the minimum amount (cheapest?) bits and pieces that'd let me do some: beat slicing; midi recording; and audio recording. in addition to whatever else i might need to make some simple songs/music in general. Looking at the online shop my guess is that i'd probably need FL-Studio Producer Edition and Slicex (VSTi). Maybe BeatSlicer. so yeah I'm kind of getting into exploring making songs and music for myself in my spare time and just needed a little advice on what i should buy. any help was/is/will be much appreciated! oh and the shop i'm looking at is here http://shop.flstudio.com/
  2. I *want* to get the game, but MS says no =/ Australian LIVE accounts don't yet have any access to the Community Games. I'll buy it if you can hook me up with it somehow.
  3. Have you actually played a GH game before World Tour? That's always been how cooperative play worked. So it's not exactly being different for the sake of it. My only complaint is that Australia won't get GHWT for another 3 weeks, and we're also getting Rock Band ONE the week before GHWT hits. God knows if we'll ever get RB2.
  4. Not really, because Braid just has a *different* style of graphics, as well as leaderboards, and speed runs for replayability. I guess you could say that Braid embarrasses games like Bionic Commando because instead of rehashing a classic, someone decided to attempt something new (and did a good job of it). The people crying over an extra $5 must be in their early-to-mid teens, 'cause $5 is peanuts.
  5. Because GH hasn't screwed over or boycotted every region outside the US. Unlike Rockband. What's impressive is that users can now create and share songs to play in the game. Not the tools. Yay for more Guitar Hero.
  6. I thought that there was online deathmatch, just no online coop. =/
  7. Totally getting this on Wednesday night for 360 =D
  8. 22 years of age =D I had a Wii exclusively (got it for my b'day last year) but this year I picked up a 360 (again, for my b'day). So for the year I had it on it's own, I played it quite a lot. I don't play it so much now, however. The online is just so poorly done it isn't funny. I can understand trying to aim for anonymity between all users, but it is just ridiculous. Every game that I want to play with any of my friends requires both of us to go into that game and exchange 12-16 digit codes outside of the game (and usually outside of the Wii) before we can do anything. There aren't even any confirmations, Xbox Live is several degrees more user-friendly than Nintendo WFC. That and every time I browse the Wii section of a store, ShovelWare outnumbers all the decent games by 10:1 if not more. It's obscene. Also, Brawl still isn't out in Australia. Honestly. The Wii is fun, but I'd rather be playing my 360 or PC in my free time.
  9. You can grab a cheap bass off of eBay, I got mine for around $100 including postage and it was fine (nameless/unknown brand though, but fine for a noob like me). You should also look at getting an amp so you can hear it. Practice amps are fairly small and cheap, so that's another plus for a beginner. I also picked up an electronic tuner for a few $ off eBay. Now I just wish I didn't have to get up at 5am everyday for University so that I might actually have time to learn how to play T_T
  10. Better is too much of a broad and subjective term. It can be argued that the consoles may have a more powerful CPU or graphics, a more intuitive interface, and so on. But it's ignorant to state that any one console is better than any other. That said, they do have their strengths and weaknesses, but who cares? I own a Wii and 360, and I only got them because they have the games that I like. I didn't sit down and have a wank over hardware specifications or theoretical polygon counts when choosing what I wanted to get. I just find it weird that people get all riled up when the supposed superiority of their console of choice is questioned.
  11. That's a bit of an over exaggeration. A lot of those games have taken their mechanics almost directly from SF, with some making slight alterations. They're different enough, sure. But not 'eons' beyond anything. Looking forward to the new SF though. It's been over 10 years since SF3, so it's about time.
  12. Funny that you say collecting things is stale. Aren't there going to be a million pieces of vehicles to collect? =p
  13. The camera is a bit awkward, considering it lets you pivot with the right stick, but it's always trying to get behind the direction you're moving in regardless. So that's kind of weird. Also some graphical hiccups, like issues with clipping, textures visibly loading in, and pop-in. And does anyone else hate driving in this game? The man can eat a burger to heal all his wounds, but can't take a corner to save his life. I wouldn't mind this as much if I didn't have to chase people in cars ~_~... Having said all that, it's still pretty damn good, and I'd highly recommend it to everyone except GTA anti-fanboys.
  14. Well GTA4 is the first I've played of the series, and although it is fairly damn good, all the excessively high ratings it has gotten are not entirely deserved. One of the better games of this generation? Sure. 10/10? No.
  15. My girlfriend and I were like "WTF?!" when that was mentioned in the video. Why, you ask? Because we live right down the bloody road from Robina where we do our groceries (and I insist on checking every game shop for bargains). That being said, Gametraders is a rip-off >_> but they're the only place here that'll import games. It was just freaky to here a place that we go to regularly get mentioned in something in(ternet)famous.
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