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  1. Me saying 'As far as I know' was not meant to imply smugness or overconfidence or any special knowledge my part, just vague assumptions based on examples that I've seen in various games. (Such as the previous Fast Zombie/Combine Assassin example I've used.) I've seen things like that done before in various games and formats, so I know it is possible. If it's considered 'easy' compared to writing something from scratch, I do not know. I could ask a few programmers I know in the mod' community though, if you're really interested in knowing... I do know one thing though; if VALVe tossed the current coding and assets out for the new Infected/Survivor in Left 4 Dead 2 into the Left 4 Dead community in a dramatic release, I'd give it a month or two before at least one programmer plugs at least one of those assets into the game in one form or another...
  2. Actually, the basic AI in the Source engine is pretty much 'swap in, swap out' as far as I know; it's all pretty compatible. Basic behaviour AI can be easily recycled (in Half Life 2 for example, the Fast Zombie AI's was originally belonged to another unit) and even if the advanced features on Director 2.0 such as the day/night cycle aren't backwards compatible, basic unit behaviour such as 'Charge In' seen on that of the AI Tank can easily be used for the Charger, for example, while the Smokers long range AI could be reused for the new ranged infected. Maps can have minor changes done to them in the architecture to make it more balanced if it's required (and besides, current issues such as closet camping for the Survivors are more important than current, possible map issues.) If new Infected are brought in (both special boss and common) the new additions to the Survivors arsenal would bring some Ying back into the Yang. It'd force players to think more tactically and co-operate like how Left 4 Dead is/was meant to be than the current style of play most players use.
  3. I think the original sound artist is a given due to the overall series being well known and all. I'm actually quite surprised there's hardly any C&C remixes on the internet compared to other game series', even though the direction has gone to crap under EALA a bit it's still a popular franchise with the fans/gamers in general... So, anyone up for tackling a Frank Klepacki masterpiece?
  4. Hey man, if you still need help check here:
  5. The new campaign is welcomed (the premise is actually based on a subtly hidden and perhaps completely dropped hint when the campaigns were directly connected to one another compared to how vaguely they are now) but it still doesn't change the fact that the Left 4 Dead 2 additions (gameplay improving additions, I might add such as the new boss Infected stopping current lame Survivor tactics) still could be ported quite easily into Left 4 Dead 1. I could understand the Left 4 Dead 2 campaigns on their own (just the levels) being a 'booster' pack or something you have pay like $10 for or something (like the Battlefield 2 model with the expansions) but the additional weapons and gameplay improving elements featured in Left 4 dead 2 should be put in the first game. In addition to improving the now somewhat moulding gameplay a bit, it'd actually force people to change their tactics and adjust their gameplay style.
  6. Thank you for the kind words guys.
  7. Hi all, I’m Mike, one of the main staff of the Kim Possible: College Years project. I hope I have posted this in the right place, if not...admin's/mod's, do your thang. Just a quick note here that I've been a fan of OcRemix for quite a few years now, and I've enjoyed several albums and remixes released here for that same length of time to the current day of this posting. (Dark Side of Phobos, Delta Q Delta and the two Sonic remix albums especially.) First, here's a brief rundown of our project. Kim Possible: The College Years is an upcoming fan produced animated series dedicated to continuing the adventures of Kimberly Ann Possible and Ronald Stoppable from the original Kim Possible show created by Mark McCorkle and Robert Schooley while they were working at Disney Animation. It's by the fans, for the fans. It will be a direct continuation from ‘Graduation’, the original series (and by extension, franchise) end completed back in 2007. While this new series originally starts in the summer before College, the fan series’ main focus will be based upon College life (compared to the original which was based on High School life) and the continuation of Team Possible’s adventures across the world. The finished series will be released for free via the Internet by sources such as YouTube and direct download. At the moment, we’re in the preplanning/concept stages as the project has only been around for roughly a few months so things are currently a bit scatterbrained. We're in contact with Disney's legal staff and we've been allowed to continue production under some legal restrictions. We are currently seeking a musician to attach to the project. The job duties for this position will involve composing a full theme song (as well as an abridged variant for the titles), various pieces of short and insequence compositions and sound effects. The musician in question will work closely with either me or another senior member of production (e.g., main Producer). Our current (and temporary) base of operations are here: If you’re interested, please contact me and send me a sample of previous work via: Email: with the prefix ‘COLLEGE YEARS APPLICATION’ in the subject bar to defeat spam filters or through the Private Message fuction on these forums or our own forums. Please note that we may ask an applicant to create a fairly quick ‘from scratch’ piece of work using previous (and official) Kim Possible score as as a reference sample. Thank you for reading, and I hope to hear from ya'll soon.
  8. OoooooooooO! *Heads about to pop in excitement* I got a tease of Hanger Remix, god that was brilliant!!!! Hey guys, whens the next project coming up? Im thinking about getting involved if its a project im familiar with, like DooM 2 or Sonic 3 etc, I mean, if you guys would take me, im new at remixing, but im learning fast
  9. When is this baby ready? I cant wait to listen to these remixes Im really looking forward to Hell Keep (tried the RIFF on Metal Guitar, so sweet)