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  1. The BitTorrent tracker is broken. 8=/ The stats show a ludicrous number of leechers and the announcer response includes MySQL errors. 8=[ Excuse me for not registering.
  2. Hello! This is Toothy! Yes, I'm going, and it's pretty far from where I'm coming from but I don't want to miss for the world! YMCK is a great but there are also other awesome chiptune artists that you should check out. Still looking for a place to crash though...
  3. definitely great songs but flacs should have been pretagged. now all the people who listen to flac version of this album don't scrobble the songs properly and don't give it deserved credit i had to remove flac album from seeding after i downloaded torrent because i wanted to tag them, because i couldn't tag them since the files can't be modified to seed.. and i don't want to have 2 huge duplicates of same thing on my hdd
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