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  1. It's a good remix, and I'm a big AmIEvil fan, but some of the detractors are right in saying that, for the most part, it's very simplistic, with not much originality or interpretation. That said, I still think it's good, but IMHO not in the same league as most of his other work.
  2. My God, words fail me. I'm one of the few guys lucky enough to have stumbled across RCR in my childhood, and that was my absolute favorite beat 'em up game ever. Double Dragon had nothin' on RCR. And this remix? Well, honestly, amazingly enough, I can't find a single flaw in it. It lacks nothing, not even some small, tiny aspect that would normally make me say "great remix, but if only..." This is an epic work of art.
  3. Very, very good remix -- it flits between chill and intensity, sifting back and forth effortlessly. Ok, perhaps my analogies aren't up to par today, but I'm on my first cup of coffee. Download it.
  4. This remix definitely isn't for everyone, but I think those that appreciate it, really and truely appreciate it. I remember being 14 years old in 1994 staying up way past my bedtime, sneaking down to the living room to get in more FF6 around 1:30am, hoping my folks wouldn't wake up. This remix basically captures that moment in its entirety. For me, it's pure sexual chocolate. Well done. And yes, I did make it back upstairs unnoticed.
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