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  1. I love how this mix is not only great to listen to, but it doesn't draw too much attention to itself. I could easily see this used as the soundtrack for a short film. Very nice!
  2. Awesome mix! I didn't feel that it was too liberal, especially since the main flute-ish theme comes in once the original material is developed. I might be the only one saying this, but I think the bassline worked really well, as it effectively drove the beat forward.
  3. Yeah, when I'm playing this song on my PDA, it says it's 11 minutes long, but it stops after 6-something (whenever the song really ends). One of the tags must have been entered wrong or something.
  4. Amazing. This is such a good mix. I especially like how DD is able to fuse an awesome beat with an orchestral sound. It's intense!
  5. Are you aware that this was posted before a panel or a standard existed? This would NEVER pass today. I agree. This is crap. I'm so glad we have higher standards now. First of all, the original track is bouncy. To make a super bouncy remix is just plain annoying. There are virtually no original variations on or even rearrangements of the theme. Virtually every element of this mix seems bothersome and repetitive. Nothing develops, nothing builds, nothing fades, and all that's here is a dynamicless, pointless, droning mix (in that respect it reminds me of 80s metal). When you analyze the track patterns closely, you can easily see that this was a practice mix using FL studio. The exact same set of loops is used everywhere, and the only background effect loops mindlessly without any correlation to the music.
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