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  1. I nearly died listening to this. Absolutely beautiful. It really reminds me of the night-time and makes me think of some sad scene at night. Of course eventually I start thinking of Potos and how I must cheat my way back in.. but.. err.. yeah.
  2. I really really do like this one. I probably listened to it four times in a row at the very least when I got it. Just listening to it made me think of villainry metal-style. I think you should try doing a remix off of battle music of any random RPG, preferably one that's not already on the site. If you can take Bowser's castle theme and turn it into something this good, I could only imagine how it would end up if you did something like FF7's Still More Fighting theme.
  3. Listening to this really makes me wonder what it'd sound lie if you had your way with the boss battle music whose name has TOTALLY escaped me but I've always wanted to hear a remix of. Umm... keep on... uhhh... bamdazzlin'..? Yeah.. <.<
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