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  1. I'm the one what got Spleen into it. Also, the GH1 and 2 tracks have been ripped and uploaded various places, you can find a torrent somewhere...GH2 have problems with with balance, though. personally, I like for getting new songs. Gotta sign up. I use a mini keyboard, with holes cute out of the side. The I put some K'nex pieces in, and I attached my strap to it.
  2. Yeah, that's cuz I geleted that image when I cleaned my photobucket, thinking I didn't use that sig anyway. I got a different one htough.
  3. Switchbladia Axopoulous Smedricksman24 I'm Spleen's mate on the Dominican. I've got cattle and rubber, though my trading spots are full. ERRRRR.Edit: I meant they'll be full if Effector will trade.