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  1. The intro to 'Resistance' by Muse is exactly the same as 'Shadow' from ICO. I just found this interesting and thought if anyone else picked up on this?!
  2. So I recently found out Sword of Vermilion has finally released an OST. After all this time hoping one day it'll come, and finally it's here! Have Sega started to release OSTs of the MD era?
  3. Looks like I'll be getting that CD then. Thanks for the help
  4. I just recieved this soundtrack in the mail and the sound quality is not what I was expecting at all. The in-game music is very heavy with orchestra, yet the soundtrack completely lacks that sound quality and is more like a midi OST version. Is this how is was done being transferred to the soundtrack? It's really disappointing with such amazing orchestral music.
  5. I'm looking for some ps2 recommendations too. I'm looking for rpgs or an adventure. Few games I own to this genre: Final Fantasy X/X-2/XII Rogue Galaxy Okami ICO SotC Dragone Quest VIII Haunting Ground Silent Hill 2/3/4 Cheers guys
  6. For anyone who's played this game, what are your thoughts on the soundtrack? I recently finished the game and it is an outstanding soundtrack. Although, I want to see if anyone else thought of this, (and if you've played ff ix) but the theme "the misty town"; that song was made for ix, and it reminds me alot of steiner's theme. Another theme was the shops, and I can't put my finger on what ix theme it sounds like, but it's definitely alike. Did the composer to rogue galaxy have any related work on ix or just pure influence?
  7. True. I guess I'm trying to say vgm specifically broadens my music which makes it the majority of music I listen to. If that makes sense.
  8. I listen to metal, punk, rock, and other genres but I've noticed I listen to videogame music the most out of my musical tastes. Such as my fav. type of music being metal, I get sick of listening to it, and that goes to all other genres of music. With vgm though, I can listen to it all day and not get sick of it. Whenever I pick up my guitar, instead of playing some metal or other types of music, here I am playing some 8-bit themes or the modern videogame themes. On the computer, vgm is playing. It seems my love for vgm is thickening. Am I becoming even more of a nerd? Anyone else prefer vgm to your average standard music?
  9. No probs, thanks guys. I'll give the request a go.
  10. Anyone know where I can convert a wav or mp3 file to Midi or is that not possible?
  11. Out of the whole series, what are your favourites? I would say V, X and XI.
  12. wintermadness


    should be good to see
  13. This is weird.. I was listening to this j-rock band and came across this song which sounds exactly like a certain zelda temple.... (background) http://profile.myspace.com/index.cfm?fuseaction=user.viewprofile&friendID=118210617 Listen to Dance with Skeleton
  14. Has anyone heard any late news on a TP original soundtrack release?
  15. Do you own a soundtrack to a game that you've never played? I've never played FF X-2, but when I heard the theme song.. I had to buy the soundtrack. The rest of the album is pretty good too.
  16. Definatly. They overloaded the chests in templs it's quite ridicoulous. I've probably missed out on a few heart pieces now cause the map was full of chests that I couldn't take any rupees.
  17. Hmmm, well coming from other OSTs, OoT (game) came out in late nov. '98 and the OST came out mid-Dec '98. And TWW march-may '03 and the OST mid-march. Judging by this, we should see TP OST soon.. hopefully.
  18. Has anyone heard of any information about this? There's a special edition TP package which includes a CD of 6 tracks... but will there be an OST to this game in the not to distant future?
  19. lol, I think everyone did. When I was trying, I honestly could not be bothered anymore trying to get them in their place. It's ridicously annoying.
  20. Will the soundtrack to this game be available soon? I know there's a special edition with a CD of 6 tracks.. but what about the OST? Anyone?
  21. Excellent, sounds good I'll try it out.. Thanks for that
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