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  1. Fate has decided that the mall shall close about 7 minutes before I get there, locking me away from a possible svideo->vga adapter. Then, a nearby radioshack yields a similar situation. I shall have to hope that tomorrow the fates smile upon me. If you're wondering why this matters, do this simple problem. Broken couch + lamp glare on tv screen - spare tvs + (one spare moniter + next to the router) - one svideo->vga adapter = my situation. On to something completely different.[but still clan related] Messing around in photoshop and I've thought of a few things. 1, Valen, how many colors do you have available for shirts? Which leads to 2, how does one reduce the number of colors in a picture in PS? 3, Anybody else notice that our badge is lying? Technically we aren't 'clan ocremix', we're 'team ocremix'. All complaints about that particular issue should be directed to me. Should I redisign it, even just for the shirts?
  2. One quick FYI: Legendary is easy in co-op, even if your partner can't shoot worth crap and has no reflexes. The second angle helps greatly, and although ring-around-the-hunter is not reccomended, it works, if my partner could aim better! [though at that point, I suppose he could blame the lack of sleep; even my aim was off at 5:15 yesterday morning] Also, Valen, if you're gonna make shirts, what is going to be on them? If its our little badge, I still have the original, which is bigger and higher quality. If fate allows, I'll be on tonight, legendary was too easy and I need victim-uhh, challengers.
  3. Today I finally get a break from work. For the past while I have been driving across the greater Phoenix area to various companies and doing a total of 10 minutes' work when I get there. I had better get paid for that road time. In addition, college is ...just .. BAH!! Anywho, today was different in that I did no crazy driving, so I picked up a copy of kirby! I was going to be on tonight, but kirby is just ... so ...oooOOoOoo, colors...*drool* Meh. Tomorrow I have no work, so I do believe I will be on then. Until then, remember kids, lava is bad! Look what i[t] did to kirby!
  4. Enough with you and your damn cable fetish. And so what if 60gb < 250gb. More space for torrents! *heads to thepiratebay* *remembers that hard drive is fuxx0rd* *plays garrys mod instead*
  5. Bah. I have lost the fight with my RAID card. It simply refuses to work. I'll just have to get a new one and pray it works. @decrescendo: seperate partitions? Nah. Just add another hard drive. Its much better to have a huge, relatively slow storage drive compliment a small, fast SATA primary drive.
  6. You act like formatting your hard drive is a monumental and historic event... I could've formatted my hard drive like 8,000,000.23132412 times by now And you're acting like formatting a hard drive is as common as breathing. Whoop de doo. I'm more concerned about the fact that he could fit all his files onto only 2 CDs.
  7. ...and my new hard drive doesn't like the RAID card I put in. What next. Windows reinstallation will be delayed longer than expected. *fights urge to just burn all 40 gigs of saveworthy stuff to CDs* Maybe today, I'll actually get into a good game with someone. Third time's the charm...
  8. Well then I'll let windows live for one last night. But tomorrow, it gets it.
  9. BEEN SAID BEFORE, WE STILL DON'T CARE, KTHXBYE And I will make a final post sometime today, before my PC gets the reformatting boot.
  10. It came with mario64, and I'm almost broke now, but that is the game I had my eye on. At least I got the sexy blue one.
  11. Wireless causes bluescreens? What the hell are you babbling about? That happens with old shitty routers or bad signals, of which I have neither. The router and pc card are about 40 feet max apart. I get 3 bars out of 5 for a signal strangth. Hell, when I was using the neighbor's internet [which, as it turns out, is not illegal] I was getting 1 or 2 bars, and still wasn't lagging. Another thing, I think my xbox is gettin better internet that my computer is. A friend came over with his laptop a while ago, and he hooked it up like my xbox, using my comp's shared internet. He was gettin a peak of 6000kbps, then holding at 5000, while the best I can get is about 3500. [/rant] On a clan related note, I got a total of no invites tonight. And I wouldn't have missed them, either. Stable xbox live goes out without a bang, it seems. Oh well, I'll try again in about a week, when I fix windows. One more thing. I just bought a DS. Please save me from my buyer's remorse.
  12. I would love to have a direct connection. However, this house was wired by idiots, so I can't do that without getting my tv and stereo up to the office where the modem now resides. Still, I will probably get one of those xbox specific wireless adapters, to at least remove the pc from the equation.
  13. Rear channel sound is dead and the software to fix it is messed up, file surfing is painfully slow, nero can't find my burners, games always start in 800*600[ ], it's been 4 or 5 months... ...its time to reinstall windows. The timing is quite a coincidence, seeing as how I just got a 250g backup drive to save my precious files. CONSPIRACY!!! But I'll give it while so to get one last night of live in, seeing as how it will be a while before windows is stable again.. Come to think of it, I could just move a TV into the office and not even bother with my comp... *hunts for spare TV*
  14. I'd like to point out that I joined that match halfway through, and still beat at least decrescendo, who was there when I joined. LAN party tonight, no live for me. I know you miss retardnaut, but you'll live.
  15. I had a game tonight in which I had 0% accuracy. No, I don't have horrible aim, I was in a spectre the entire game and got 10 kills while not dying at all. That spectre was pretty beat up by the end, though. Sadly, despite my heroic efforts, we did not get a capture, thus it was a tie. Anywho, on a clan related note, I saw almost nobody on tonight, except for ID, who seems to be stuck. We should make a goal to at least pick one day a week where we make a supreme effort to all be on at the same time.
  16. From recruitment to conscription, eh?
  17. I think I have live working, but I only got into one match today, and it was so laggy I only hit with 3 of the 30+ sniper bullets I fired, and my friends list is all messed up, keeps saying someone has been in the pregame lobby for 2 minutes...for the past 3 hours. So, if it works, I'll be there tonight, if not, well then there's always NS.
  18. Aww, it has to be anime? I don't watch tv much anymore, I'm too into UT and NS right now. Just pick some random anime person who has no major issues. Wait, that eliminates all anime. Hmm...
  19. Well, the cable company is dumb. They hooked up the high speed to an outlet on the wrong side of the house. Internet in the guest room is not going to help me here in the basement. They will fix it for free on Tuesday, and until then, I'm using my wireless router to get a signal... ...In layman terms, I have returned. but I have a friend coming over tonight, so i won't be on until tomorrow And I found out what I am angry at! The cable splitters all have resistors in them, so I am angry at resistors! Well, thats what I'm angry at right now anyway.
  20. I have internet...but its all screwed up. I have to have the modem and wireless router in a room across the house, and something with the router won't let me get on Live. For those of you confused by that, modem<-wired->router<-wireless->PC<-wired->Xbox Basically the same as what I was doing before. Damn router. No wait, damn cable not giving me internet in my room. DAMN YOU WHATEVER I AM ANGRY AT!!!
  21. Yay. I got the job, and Cox is currently processing my order for high-speed internet. Should be on this week. Finally...again...
  22. Here I am, alive and unfortunately posting via dialup. Interesting story as to why. A while ago, a friend came over with his laptop. Someime in the middle of the night, we decided to go raid the neighborhood's wireless networks, so we went war-walking. Anyway, we screw up a few networks, set up a few extremely restrictive firewalls, and generally have a good time messing with stupid people. Then we find the jackpot. A network with 3 shared printers. We comb a nearby shared internet, looking for porn, then print out damn near 500 pages of just about every type of porn. The crap hit the fan right about there. Turns out that my neighbors had 2 wireless networks, one of which we had just smutbombed. They freaked out and put their networks under a heavy lockdown. As some of you know I was using their internet for Live... Coincidentally, a job has just turned up, and it requires me to have high speed internet. Is god laughing? Probably.
  23. Yay I'm certified! Now I can officially grenade people! [meh]
  24. Thats what you get when I'm sleep deprived. I did sleep last night, so tonight I should be of a higher intellegence level. Hopefully. Also, Deimos, where's my 'grenade superiority' emblem?
  25. Yay, I got that other computer running, now I just need to find some of my other hard drives so I can store my things on it. Sorry about being a standing target for some of the night, Windows needs someone to hold its hand when its being installed. Also, -someone- needs to stop standing in front of me.
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