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  1. Jeez, even id card showed up, and he hasn't been on for months, literally. But yea, we should do that more often. Playing Halo with you guys shouldn't be something reserved for a holiday weekend, it should be on at least a weekly basis.
  2. Me and my friend are getting on, as soon as he stops playing Spartan total warrior. He got a headset while we were at best buy getting cheap stuff.
  3. I'll be on tonight; I get off at 6:30 Arizona time. Yes, we have our own time zone. Don't believe me? Check the various time zones on your computer clock settings. Enough rambling, on to more important things. So... Friday. Convenient, I got a friend coming over Friday and he's gonna buy a headset, so he knows what the heck we're rambling about. Another random thing, do we have one of those maps that shows the locations of our members? If not, where would we go to set one up? EDIT: accidental use of engrish.
  4. Hmm... I do remember zombies being fun at one point, but that was back when I was first playing online.... Hmm... If anyone else is willing to, I'll make a pre-gayness zombies game to be played on non gay maps with no gay settings. Purely to see if the gametype still holds any value for people who have progressed beyond that noob stage. If not, well, there's always rocketball.... And a big LOL to you guys getting the 360 at launch. I think I'll save my money until it goes for less, or if something I must have comes out. I got my computer till then, and that's saying something.
  5. Die. Now. No kidding. OMGnoloveforzombies? Let me tell you a story. There once was a time with one, fair zombies game, where the other guys could only use shotguns, and it was played on maps without 'bases' or other hiding areas. The gametype was kinda fun, if you weren't the zombie. If you were, and if there were more that like 5 people against you, chances were against you killing anyone. But there was still a chance. But then things turned unfair and unfun. First of all, 'no team damage' was turned on. Just a little thing, but it was against the zombie [no more stray shots possibly blurring teammate's views]. Then map changes like Foundation, where there are easily fortifiable places. But the worst was yet to come. Some retard decided to give the zombie almost no chance. Pistols were added. Need I say more?
  6. Lukan is only hard if your character isn't some sort of badass melee character and if that is the case, you shouldn't be trying to solve such situations with violence anyway. It's a hell of a lot easier (and more rewarding in the long haul) to convince him you are part of the Thieves Underground. But even if you wanted to, it's possible to kill them with a wussy character if you pick up the Half-ogre follower and level up in the mines and outside of the town for long enough. You can easily get a level 7 or 8 character while still in Shrouded Hills. Oh yeah, you could also just pickpocket him and take the key. Arcanum is a great game. Or abuse the game's AI and simply use harm on them from outside their perception range... I was talking about the first time you meet them in your first game, you have no idea whats going on, and you waste sooo much time trying to get past them. Might be why the game never really took off. Too damn hard in the beginning for nubs trying to be a generic good sword swinging hero.
  7. I'm not sure this counts as a boss, but... In Arcanum, right at the first town, there are 3 guys blocking the only bridge out of town. One human and 2 half orcs, all of whom love to use their fists. Not much of a problem, unless you consider the fact that fists take away a large abount of fatigue, of which you might be lucky to have 60 at that point. After a few fist strikes, you hit 0 fatigue, fall down, then they start kicking you. Your fatigue then goes into the negatives, while your helath quickly follows suit. It doesn't help that they almost always hit you, while your character is completely inept at anything. This includes [but is not limited to] sword swinging, gun slinging, grenade flinging, arrow zinging.....anythinging! And there isn't much to level up with at this point. Of course, you could always 'convince' them otherwise, but where's the fun in that?
  8. Just an FYI, if you see me sitting there in menu, that usually means I'm up for a game, I'm just at my computer at the moment. I have horrible luck playing alone, as I seem to always get stuck on the team of quitters.
  9. Gah! Its one word! Why do so many people make my name into 2 words??? And what the heck is with the Morrowind music in that superbounce video?! ...and now on a less angry note, I did pretty well tonight, considering I haven't played Halo since October 3rd.
  10. Headset +1 Now I have no excuses. Except maybe Battlefield 2....
  11. I think I found the best possible way to listen to this song. Driving home from work late tonight, a a bit of a chill in the air, nobody else on the streets, and this comes up on my mp3 player. It just... fit. Perfectly. I didn't get the eerie feeling some of you seemed to get, just a serene feeling passing over me. All thoughts of my stressful day, gone. Great stuff to relax to.
  12. In celebration of the day [and of my boredom last night] I have made a piece which I have titled "HALOween". Yay caffiene.
  13. No, I'm explioting the infamous PSO network glitch to back up and run metroid prime off my hard drive. Slightly laggy, as the broadband adapter isn't as fast as the disc reader, but not laggy to the point of unplayableness. But that's another subject entirely. The post number is there when you click on forums:general. And I just remembered that I also need a new headset. Damn thing broke about a week ago. Any third party brands anyone recommends?
  14. The beginning section reminds me very much of Tiberian Sun's soundtrack. That makes it instantly good.
  15. *really needs to stop hacking his Gamecube and play Halo* but...metroid prime sans disk...can't decide... that and working until 12:30 in the morning...ugh edit: 1000 posts in topic, not necessarily all about Halo, either.
  16. The reason for me being gone can be placed squarely on my new video card. If it weren't for UT2004 having that music player built in and me adding OCs, I would still be gone. Expect me on sometime soon. I've had my fill of pretty reflective water, photorealistic demons, perfect framerates....*drool* Must...tear..self.from.....computer! *scans recent stuff* I see the word zombies...tell me you guys aren't playing zombies. edit: really confusing sentence structure
  17. I printed a few symbols out and have strewn them about a shirt in various ways, but nothing has struck me as wearworthy just yet. I'll make pics tonight if I get something good. So quiet, you. Might get on tonight with a friend, so BE THERE. EDIT: Damn you, keyboard, DAMN YOU!!!
  18. Then do what I used to do: Borrow a neighbor's internet without their knowledge!
  19. That vaguely reminds me, how does one go about setting up a website? I mean, I have a spare computer [or 3] lying around that I could make a server out of. If there is a free way, I'd have us a site up within a few days, but I have no clue.
  20. Besides, nobody said anything when I first released it, so it stayed. Might get on tonight, if today's habit of driving across phoenix delivering computer stuff and fixing dumbass problems doesn't leave me too tired.
  21. I was wondering about that myself. Racing above senseless violence? It just didn't make sense. Tonight me and a friend may get on, if anyone else is on, cause I don't want to go into a dumbass training match with dumbass noobs. EDIT: This topic has seen 777 posts... ominous?
  22. 6 colors... Now I just need some of my creativity inducing chili-cheese slop. [3 hours later...] Assuming black is the color of the shirt, of course. Or...wait a minute... *digs up old badge pics* This [reduced colors of course] on the front and some banner related to the clan on the back? Hmm... Input needed!
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