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  1. ARG!! Sometimed photoshop is too good for its own good. I'm using paint for most of the touch up. Oy. On another note, The images I'm posting are extra sized for clarity. The finished product won't be that large. Also, I found an acceptable background. Click for full size.
  2. Righty, I need some input. The color of the words 'Clan OCRemix' The color of the background A background image, failing #2 Any other things I might have forgotten This is an emblem for a clan, and it would make sense for you guys to have some part in it. BTW, here's another attempt. ..now that I look at it, those words are the wrong color...
  3. Well duh its big, its a WIP. So, should I ditch the swords and just have the skull w/headphones? Also, should it have any text [in halo font of course ]? Or should it be left blank, the picture being worth a thousand ...err... frags?
  4. Hello? Is this thing working? I do belive so. Albeit on a fresh install of XP and 56k right now, but I got my comp working! *reads current messages* As soon as I can get photoshop back from my file storage comp, I'll see about a badge...I'm thinking something with the shield/sword combo from campaign heroic difficulty, with the headphones from OCR. That is, unless somebody makes a better suggestion, or Wingless kills me for attempting it. EDIT: Wow, my file comp behaved today. Anywho, here's a first attempt. Comments and suggestions?
  5. I know why all these computer problems are occurring. ITS FRIDAY THE GOD-DAMN THIRTEENTH!! ...wait a minute... Uhm...since Windows is, well, Windows, it likes to act up on the day before. Yea. That's right.
  6. My wireless adapter just gave out. Or maybe its time to reinstall Windows. No Live for me for a while, at any rate. God, I've been reduced to quoting myself.
  7. Oh yes, a definite hit on my err.. rather small trance list. This is like the second or third trance I have that isn't from starfox, that seems to be all everybody wants to trancify. Nice job.
  8. Not like we really accomplished anything. Dr Marius was too busy killing everyone to have us learn too much. Another note to self: Never say 'mint leaf'. Or the related phrase 'ass on a plate'. Damn, there's too many forbidden words!
  9. .. and that's why I love wireless.
  10. Um, I think the definition of practice is to refine an attack strategy, to make a plan to so we all don't go doing things randomly. [unless if abusing glitches IS the strategy...] Even something as simple as having a designated sniper, or waiting until everybody is in position to attack at once would help immensely. Of course, we could just keep doing what we do, what with halo limbo, someone's warthog fetish and something about magic boxes? Hmm...
  11. Note to self: Never mention the word 'doughnut' again.
  12. Nicely done, a great mix. The only gripe is, of course, that it is too short. Oh well, that's what 'manual playlist advance' is for!
  13. This is one serious remix. The vocals are well done, which you don't see very often. Very dark and militaristic, something to play war games to. Definately an addition to my UT2004 playlist.
  14. Righty, I've got a few friends that want to join. They do listen to OC Remixes, [if thats a requirement] so they aren't coming completely out of the blue. One is all around good at the game [and a damn good driver], and the other... uhm... is obedient. Most of the time.[Maybe I'll think of something more, uhm, positive to say of him later] ..so, unless if someone objects, I'm gonna give 'em invites when I get on sometime next week. EDIT: I'm also gonna force 'em to register here. No use having non-contributing members of society.
  15. Righty guys, unfortunately, this is an off week for me. I can't get on live at my mom's place, so all I can do is offer encouragement while wishing it was next week.
  16. Yea, that warthog war was probably the longest game i ever played, what was is, like 2 hours? I think my favorite part was when Dark and Cyan hit head on, did wheelies, I passed under both of them and they both blew up. I must have hit the gas tanks... And I would like to see a multi-team rocketball, that could be fun. EDIT: Almost forgot about the game in headlong where there was some serious Evel Knievel stuff going on. What with the piling up of ghosts, a warthog and the banshee, all being run into by a warthog and a rocket simultaneously. Some big explosions there. And we can't forget Dark or Cyan talking to Icy Guy's mom. [icy Mom ]
  17. Well, that was about as much fun as I could have, what with my teeth constantly throbbing. I'm gonna go have some ice cream and see if that helps a bit. Awright, enough of my griping. No! More griping!! I am in PAIN here!! All we seemed to get in clan matches was ties; does that mean we were good enough to keep the others from winning? Or were we simply not good enough to win? Only time will tell..... EDIT: It turns out that one of the new teeth is super-sensitive to temperature. Now please excuse me, as I need to vent my pain. AAAAAAARRRRRRRRRRRRGGGGGGGHHHHH!!!!!
  18. I thought all the assassinations in the rocket slayer match were kinda funny. Also, I belive that 9:00 to you guys is about 7:00 to me. I'll try to keep that in mind tonight. On another note, I have tomorrow off, so it's Halo all day for me. ...ugh, I just remembered that I have to go to the dentist today and get my front teeth shaved down and replaced with ceramic caps. So if I can't talk well tonight, you'll know the reason. edit: spelling errors fixed
  19. Sorry guys, I know I said I'd be able to get on all week. There was a bit of a snafu between one of my teachers and my dad; the teacher made it sound like I did absolutely nothing in class. The result was that my dad took my computer for an unspecified amount of time, and that being how I get on the internet [wireless], I can't get on Live. I did manage to download the free maps before that, so now all I can do is try to find all the good spots to run to. If nothing else, next week I should be able to get on at the other house from 3 to 5 [Arizona time], prividing I can find a long enough network cable...
  20. Hmm... My current clan sucks, my friends's clans suck, I'm about to become a free agent... I can't resist, I'll join. GT = redchlorine I'll be able to get on every night this week, but not next week, then every night next week... It's a parental divorce thing.
  21. i second that. maybe a little more polite, but with the same urgency. Same here. I belive 'permanent playlist addition' pretty much sums it up. Also, this is one of the perhaps 20 songs that I like that are 'engaging' enough to be played whilst playing UT2K4.
  22. Wow. Just...wow. I feel like hurting myself for not getting this mix earlier. Great stuff; close to the definition of perfection, IMO. Now the only thing that I'm ticked about is that WMP has decided that it is currently vacation time, so I can't burn it. Waaa! [side note: whoop-dee-doo, my first post! After merely watching the boards, I'm going to be a part of them!]
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