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  1. I think I'll just stick with my new one. Also, any comments about it? It's the first time I've made a sig.
  2. Its not my fault that six people [only one of whom I actually knew] joined me after a matchmaking game. Otherwise, it would have just been you me and sonic. I liked that game involving one pink me vs 5 yellow others and a green dude. I was actually winning some of the time, and had that green guy not been killing himself and giving away points, I might have won. Hooray for sniper rifles and grenades!
  3. About legendary...I already finished it. And I learned a few lessons that I shall pass along to you. 1) Never pass up a sniper rifle, give extras/near emptys to your marines 2) Throw that god damn shotgun off the cliff 3) Follow it with the smg, needler and plasma rifle 4) Never be caught without a BR or carbine 5) Plasma pistols are good, but not great 6) You can get vehicles into almost anywhere 7) You can skip 'off the rock, through the brush, nothing but jackal' ...come to think of it, you can almost skip that entire stage umm...ask for other specifics, I'm writing this as I finish my sig. ...done, I think. [yea, I play NS as aliens all the time ]
  4. I leave for a few days to try to get a job [no luck yet], and I get people making me sigs? Did I miss something? This is oddly coincidental, since I just started work on my own version. And I'll be doing so with a new mouse. Just need to find a good font right now. Now about your..attempts. I'll be brutally honest about them, so don't get all offended. Wespip, that sig is kinda boring. Deimos, my name is one word. That said, I think they are both neat and interesting ways of using both halves of my name. If I sucked at picture making, I'd probably flip a coin. Need to get on Live more often...must tear myself away from Natural Selection...
  5. For those of you who want the 'loud noises' file, here it is. Link Finally got my webspace to behave
  6. Nice touch with those Link sfxs. There's a lot of origonal parts in here, and I did catch the Links Awakening theme. I seared that into my brain when all I had was a gameboy, headphones, and knowlege of the select teleport trick way back when.
  7. post about dumb guys in matchmaking will be updated Okay, updated. Me and wespip were doing double team, and we ended up in a team king on foundation. Everything goes normally, until we notice that our opponents were not going for the hold spot. Not at all. As you can see by the postgame carnage report, they scored a total of 12 seconds. After the game, we informed them that it was not a slayer match, and that it was a king game. Their response? 'Nuh uh! It was! And I got a rampage and you didn't!'
  8. Give me a sniper rifle, and I am god. And about Retardnaut... I was thinking of naming it JuggerNOT. But Retardnaut is better. I still have to drop the kill limit to a realitstic number, like 10. It might become our new rocketball!
  9. Wespip? :vomit: Besides that, it was a long night with a very small group.
  10. Making a random post so you guys don't think I'm dead. Anywho, there was very few people on tonight [at least when I was on], and we ended up in a party led by a non clanner. On a different note, for those thinking of it, do NOT buy Area 51. It is like a rip off of a Halo rip off. Just wanted to warn ya.
  11. As stated before, this is sort of repetitive and the ending is nonexistant. But beside that, it's a nice track. Gotta like the drums and ever present background choir.
  12. Few things. First off, I graduated, and my grandparents are leaving tomorrow , so I'll have more free time. Second, however, my internet is acting up again. I might be able to get on tonight, ISP permitting.
  13. Heh. Last night I went to a halo party and during my turn as party leader, I introduced them to the chaos we fondly call rocketball on warlock. They loved it and almost every match for the rest of the night was dedicated to rocketball variations. That was a whole lot of
  14. As a few of you know, this week I am at a high-speed-internet-less house. However, I have discovered a neighbor with very shoddy wireless security. In short, I can get on live. Albeit illicitly. [big words!] Tonight is an exception. I have to finish tetris or I won't pass my programming class.
  15. ...one step closer to world domination. Alas, I will be unable to join you this week, what with finals and procrastinated history projects and being at the wrong house. Plus, next week, my grandparents are flying out from Connecticut, [there's a joke in that, somewhere. Hmm.. something about flying Scotsmen?] so I might not get on too often. On completely unrelated note, I got the temp teeth out and brand new porcelain front teeth. See 'em? EDIT!! Tomorrow, the Halo skills I learned with you guys will be put to the test! End-of-the-year Halo LAN party! And the next day, UT2K4! Whoo!
  16. Last night.. All I can remember is those two guys. Ho Smacker and Smacked Ho. *shudders* On another note, I sent ya an invite s8riot. We need more people to sate the videogame music god, or he will get angry and make every piece of music sound as if it came from shael riley's musical groin!
  17. YES!!! I got my internet working again! Xbox Live, here I come!
  18. And I won't use this one. Anywho, I might be able to get on, but I'll have to bring my up next to the so it can be close enough to the to get connected. Then I can get on. [i hope those sites don't kill me for direct linking to their pics ]
  19. Ohhhhhhhhhh.... Got it. Thanks Wes. EDIT I'm gonna get rid of my WIPs to save bandwidth. Expect missing links.
  20. Jeez, I said if ya wanted it shrunk, just ask! Mebbe just a wee bit bigger. Like so: Also, how do you add transparency to PNGs? I don't use photoshop that often, and it didn't come with an instruction manual.
  21. Unless someone objects, here it is. My blood[not really], sweat[a little on the mouse], and tears[a bug flew in my eye]. The snes controller is supposed to look 'dropped in', btw. It symbolizes that we are not all about winning, that we fool around sometimes. I already shrank it; I hope it's small enough for you guys. If not, just ask for a further shrinking. Enjoy!
  22. And now for something a little different! Yea, I think my attention span has been reached. And because he said so, here with white colored font. Yes, I'm lazy. And also, that wasen't a transparent background. I just copyed the color from the boards, which are 2 different colors. I was just lucky it was the same one. I need a break. Time to play some fable.
  23. More or less finished. Little bit of touch up on the right side skull, shrink it, but yea. Why would I submit a 90% done pic? LUNCH BREAK!!
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