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  1. Here's to another 10 years for this site.
  2. Don't have a screen saver. My pc does go idle after 30 mins though.
  3. Interesting update. I switched users to see if the sound might work on that user. I did. I logged off and back onto my regular one. Now the sound works. WTF is that? I'm sure it'll bust down again so any ideas?
  4. Ok. This is very odd. Yesterday I noticed the sound on my PC wasn't working. If I turned the nob to the max I could hear that static sound. Ya know, cause the speakers are set too high. Anyway, I checked to see if my settings were on mute. None were. I performed a system restore to the day before to see if that might do something. It did. The sound came back. What the hell? What would happen in 24 hours or so to cause this. So today I was listening to a football game online and just now I came back to check some things out. No sound again. It's not working. I don't understand this. What the hell could I possibly do to fix this cause I'm stumped. Thanks.
  5. Yeah I tried to play it in those but the picture and audio freezes on me. Any other ideas?
  6. So I downloaded some torrent files today and and tried playing them using Windows Media Player. It doesn't seem to work properly for me. The audio plays fine but the video freezes up and the picture like vibrates. Seems the same with every program I use to open it. DivX player, etc... What do I need to do to correct this?
  7. So I turned on my PC today booted up Firefox and noticed all my bookmarks are gone. GONE! My recent history is still intact. I don't understand this. I tried a system restore to a few days ago. Nothing. I haven't made any weird changes to my PC lately. What would cause this and how can I get them back?
  8. I'm sure this has been covered but where can I see the lyrics from all the vocal tracks?
  9. Hey guys. Thisisn't my area. I have a few dozen minute long .wav files and I'd like to combine them into one file to play as only one track. Any downloads you can hook me up with? Thanks.
  10. Annoying problem I ran into today. I was just trying to play a game when I noticed my PS2 won't read it. I looked at the bottom of the CD and I see minor scratches. Nothing big. Really pissed off that it seems as if this game is now worthless. Is there anything in the house I can use to clean it or anything else I can do? Thanks.
  11. I know. I haven't had any of my characters even meet Vayne. So far at least. I bet not until the end.
  12. I'd like to know that one myself. I have so much to buy.
  13. Well Iv'e been playing this game for about 85 hours or so. One thing I hate about it is that it's too much about doing and not enough story telling. It's like Tactics alot of course but tactics was way more detailed in the stroy aspect. Right now I just finish battling Dr. Cid for the first time and I'm exploring some land. My guys are at level 43 right now and I know I have to at least gain 10 more levels to have a good shot at beating the game. I have the guide so I know I'm pretty close. Iv'e never played such a long game. I'm pretty sure I'll go over the 100 hour mark. FFXIII better be a different kind of game though. People say X had too much watching. But I liked it. Very character and story detailed. What X rally need was more to do. XII took care of that.
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