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  1. Just to correct the intial review OMF was never a series, the sequal was never completed and although OMF exists it had nothing to do with OMF 2097. It is also the only decent beat em up to make it to the PC and absolutely screamed quality at the time of release. I still play it. Anyway awesome remix 3 thumbs up
  2. Must be nice to have gotten that far... I'm still stuck on stage 5 (where you go down that LONG tunnel with the cross beams that you can't seem to avoid hitting). I've been stuck there for about two years . To get around those, slowly rotate the analougue stick. see your through, now the other way round on the next ones.... BEUTIFULL On a well powered EPSXE
  3. LIke the mix, Good base and drums, Guitarist needs to improve his techincal style (or else lay the right chords) the transition from 5 battle to atma was awfull but the atma music was great, I imagine it might have been something like that if the SNES could have handled it. The groove Victory music at the could pratcially stand alone.
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